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Shapeshifting is the supernatural ability to change one's form into that of another. This ability is utilized by various different creatures, most of which use it to camouflage their true monstrous forms, allowing them to pass as human.

Types of Shapeshifters


  • Changeling – Creatures that can perfectly mimic children. A changeling child will replace a human child, allowing it to feed on the human parent's synovial fluid. A changeling's true face can be seen via a mirror.
  • Djinn – Typically appear with full-body markings similar to henna tattoos. Certain types of djinn are capable of employing a form of shapeshifting that allows them to pass for human by hiding their markings.
  • Dragons – Ancient creatures that evolved to employ a form a camouflage allowing them to pass as human. In their true form they appear with scaly skin, talons, and large bat-like wings.
  • Familiars – Companions to witches. Familiars split their time between their human form and an animal form, which can range from feline to canine.
  • Ghosts – Certain ghosts have shown the ability to alter perception and switch between human and more grotesque versions of themselves.
  • Ghouls – Like shapeshifters, ghouls can take on the appearance of a human. This is only achieved through the consumption of flesh; if a ghoul feeds on a corpse (or in rare instances, a living human) they can take on the form of whomever they have just eaten.
  • Jefferson Starships – Hybrid creatures created by Eve in Grants Pass, Oregon -- a mixture of shapeshifter, vampire, and wraith. Meant to be the perfect monster, capable of fooling even the most experienced hunters.
  • Leviathans – The first beasts created by God. Leviathans employ a near-instantaneous ability to shapeshift. Requiring only a small amount of human DNA, a Leviathan can copy a person perfectly, right down to their memories and even insanity.
  • Qareen – Similar to genies, qareens are under the control of a master and able to shapeshift their form. Qareens take on the appearance of a person's deepest, darkest desire before ripping their heart from their chest.
  • Rakshasa – An ancient Hindu creature capable of changing its form into anything it wishes in order to gain entry into the homes of their victims.
  • Shapeshifters – As their name implies, shapeshifters have the ability to change their appearance into that of any human, living, dead, or fictional. The length of time required for a shapeshifter to change their form has been shown to vary from minutes, where everything -- skin, hair, and teeth are removed -- to instantaneously.
  • Sirens – In their true form, sirens appear as pale humanoid creatures with sunken eyes and fused mouths. Through telepathy, they are able to read a victim's mind and appear as the perfect person. Their true forms can be viewed with a mirror.
  • Skinwalkers – Cousins to the werewolf, skinwalkers can shapeshift into a canine form at will, which gives them enhanced strength and speed.


  • Alpha Shapeshifter – The progenitor of all shapeshifters. The Alpha could shift its form without the need for shedding skin. This ability extended to even replicating the clothes of the individual it was copying.
  • Asmodeus – After injecting himself with the archangel Gabriel's grace, Asmodeus -- originally one of the weakest of the Princes of Hell -- gained many new abilities, including that of shapeshifting. When employed, a white smoke would envelop Asmodeus, allowing him to take the form of any person he wished.
  • Cosmic Entity – In its realm of the Empty, the Cosmic Entity could appear in any form. After Castiel was awoken from his eternal slumber by Jack Kline's will, the Entity took on the shape of Castiel's vessel, Jimmy Novak, claiming his true form was too horrific even for an angel, and that viewing it would drive Castiel to madness.
  • Eve – As the mother of all monsters, Eve could shapeshift to appear as anyone.
  • God – God has the ability to take on any form He chooses.
  • Gabriel – Gabriel was the only archangel to employ shapeshifting. It is unknown if this was a natural ability among the archangels, or something he was able to learn from Loki.
  • Leshii – A Slavic deity, considered a mischievous god who could take on infinite forms. Leshii began to take on the form of various celebrities after the Apocalypse was triggered in order to gorge himself before the end.
  • Veritas – The Roman Goddess of Truth. Veritas could hide her true feline form by appearing as a beautiful woman.
  • Whore of Babylon – An Apocalyptic creature from Hell. The Whore could appear human. It killed, and took on the form of Leah Gideon in Blue Earth, Minnesota.
  • War – One of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. After Lucifer was released from his Cage, War goes to work in River Pass, Colorado, taking on the form of a man named Roger, whom he killed and left in a ditch. As Roger, War was able sow paranoia and distrust and fan the flames of battle in the small town.