Shadow Spirits

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Shadow Spirits
Powers and Abilities
  • The truth
Appearance Shadowy humanoid figures
Episode(s) 1.11 You've Got a Friend


Shadow spirits are agents of the Greek god of secrets and shadows, Erebus, and are embedded within the Bracelet of Erebus. If the bracelet attaches itself to a person who isn't pure of heart, the shadow spirits within it will abduct them to another realm where the person must reveal their dark secret or remain trapped, never to see the light again. Shadow spirits don't appear to be purely malevolent creatures, believing they are offering humans a chance to right past wrongs by revealing their secrets. However, they have no qualms keeping a person trapped for eternity if they refuse to play their game.

Their true form appears as a smokey shadowy humanoid figure, with large monstrous hands.

Powers and abilities

  • Shapeshifting – Shadow spirits can take on a human form in the shape of someone known to victims in order to communicate.
  • Teleportation – Shadow spirits are able to teleport humans to another realm where they are kept until they reveal their secrets.
  • Travel through shadows – As their name implies, they are able to move about through shadows and darkness.


  • Revealing the truth – The only way to free one's self from a shadow spirit is by revealing the dark secret they are harboring that drew the Bracelet of Erebus to them.


1.11 You've Got a Friend