Sgt. Joe Phillips

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Name Joe Phillips
Actor Eric Schweig
Location Dodge City, Kansas
Occupation Deputy Sheriff Sergeant
Episode(s) 13.06 Tombstone


Sgt. Joe Phillips was the lead officer during the Dave Mather incident in Dodge City, Kansas, while the sheriff was on vacation.


13.06 Tombstone

Sgt. Phillips meets Dean and Castiel at the scene of his nephew Deputy Carl Phillips' murder. Believing the two to be Texas Rangers based on their dress, Sgt. Phillips questions why they are at his scene. Upon learning they are looking for a grave robber, he reveals that Carl was looking into one before his death. He offers them the chance to "poke around", but warns that if he gets to the grave robber first, there won't be much left for them to take back to Texas.

In the evening, Dean pulls into the cemetery where he sees Sarge, rifle in hand. He asks Dean if he is looking for someone before telling him he is looking for a bank robber that got into a shootout outside a bank in town; the cashier identified the robber as Dave Mather while his fingerprints from the bank match those from Carl's murder scene. When Dean tells him he doesn't intend to take Mather alive, Sarge assures him he doesn't either. As the two embark into the cemetery, Dean tells Sarge to aim for the head. As the search the cemetery, they realize that Mather is messing with them. Dean heads off in one direction, and gives Sarge a hand signal to head the other around a crypt. They meet up at the opposite side of the building. Sarge covers Dean while he heads out into the graveyard. As soon as Dean's back is turned, a hand reaches up through the ground below Sarge, grabs his ankle, and pulls him underground. As Dean makes his way to the funeral home through the graveyard tunnels, he finds Sarge regaining consciousness. When Mather gets the drop on Dean, Dean slides his shotgun to Sarge, and on Dean's signal, Sarge blows Mather's head off his shoulders.

When morning comes, Sarge and Dean walk back to their cars. When Sarge questions Dean about what happened, Dean tells him, "Guy named Dave killed your deputy. He tried to kill you, and you shot him dead. And I was never here." Satisfied with his answer, the two go their separate ways.