Sex scene from Heart

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This is a transcript of the sex scene between Madison and Sam in 2.17 Heart as written by Sera Gamble. From a copy of the script (capslocks are as they appear in the script.)

SAM: There’s way we could go back. To before it happened.

Madison meets Sam’s eyes. Sad. But it’s true.

MADISON: You’re right. There’s no way.

They stand there for a moment, contemplating this. Bummed.

And then JUMP EACH OTHER’S BONES. Sam and Madison fall against each other—in a rush. KISSING HARD. All that tension and chemistry, finally UNLEASHED. Sam grabs her roughly, pushing her UP AGAINST THE WALL… as they wrestle each other’s shirts OFF.


Sam picks her up and THROWS her on the bed. She GRABS him by the shoulders, pulls him roughly down with her. This isn’t a sweet, romantic love scene. It’s a pent-up, complicated passion. When they start, it’s runaway train.

Sam pushes Madison back on the bed and climbs over her --

CLOSE ON THEIR FACES as they kiss hard, frantic. And then – Madison’s eyes squeeze shut as she arches back with a GASP as Sam MOVES—

ON SAM’S BACK. Rippling as he moves into her – urgent, sweaty—she DIGS HER NAILS IN and SCRATCHES DEEP MARKS ACROSS HIS BACK.

And Sam lets out a SOUND somewhere between PAIN and PLEASURE.