Sgt. Miranda Bates

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Name Sgt. Miranda Bates
Actor Carmen Moore
Location San Diego, California
Occupation Navy Sergeant
Episode(s) 9.02 Devil May Care


Sgt. Miranda Bates is a naval sergeant. In June 2013 she had a holiday in Cabo, Mexico where her partying included doing a body shot off a naked man in a Luchador mask while she wore a sombrero.


9.02 Devil May Care

When Sam and Dean arrive at the site of an abandoned bus filled with corpses, they realize they are dealing with demons as there have been freak thunderstorms, along with every cow dead within three miles as well the area reeking of sulfur.

Suspicious as to why the "FBI" are present, Sgt. Bates asks to speak with their supervisor, for which Dean places a call to Kevin Tran. Unconvinced of Kevin's authority, Sergeant Bates threatens to have Sam and Dean placed in custody for obstruction. That is until Kevin hacks her computer, and threatens to forward some compromising photographs of her to her commanding officer, Major Velasquez, unless she allows Sam and Dean to continue investigating. She complies and allows them to investigate the crime scene.