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This is a summary of all the spoilers from Comic-Con 2018. You can find links to all the interviews and video at the Comic-Con 2018 entry.

Season Length

"When Jared and I sit down and we talk about, 'Do we want to do this? Do we want to continue to do this?' It's not about the things that it's usually about when these kinds of conversations come up," Ackles told TV Line. "[It's not] 'I want more money' or 'I want a bigger trailer' or 'I want this or that.' The conversation is quality of life. We both have families, it's more about how can we make our work-life balance a little better. And shaving a couple of episodes off gives us almost an extra month out of our year, which when you only get about a two-and-half-month hiatus, it goes by really quickly." Jensen said this strategy was likely to make them want to keep doing the show for a few more years.
  • With having only 20 episodes there will be less stand-alones - with "monster of the weeks" tying more closely to the overall season. The mythology storylines will also be a bit less complex.
  • Jensen isn't set to direct an episode this season, but there are a still a few spots open later in the season, and while he said directing at that time would be logistically difficult, it could happen.
  • Currently the first 6 episodes have been written and they have broken the story up to episode 13.

300th episode

  • Episode 13 is the 300th episode and it will be written by Andrew Dabb and directed by Bob Singer. Dabb said:
“The 100th episode was very much a straight up episode of SUPERNATURAL. The 200th episode went very much in the other direction, which was very meta. I think for the 300th we want to do something that kind of lies in the middle. The idea kind of floating around right now is Sam and Dean, for years, have lived in the bunker. The bunker is in a place called Lebanon, Kansas, which is a real town. A very small town. We’ve never actually seen Lebanon, Kansas in the show. We’ve never seen what the people in the town think of two guys who drive this muscle car through [and probably visit the dry cleaner with a lot of blood on their clothes]. So it becomes how do these people view Sam and Dean, with a Sam and Dean story in their too. We think it could be a real love letter to the show in what we hope is a very heart warming way. Heart warming with murder.” (Source)


Michael’s goal has always been to purify the world, to make it good enough for him. The devastation that happened in Apocalypse World wasn't what he was aiming for, and he will be taking a different tactic this time. Of course he needs to build a power base, and with only a few angels left in Heaven, he needs to look elsewhere.

Dean will be back after a couple of episodes, but we will continue to have Michael present in the story through flashbacks to what he did while possessing Dean. There will also be after effects of the possession on Dean.

Jensen spoke about the challenge of performing as a different character after 13 seasons as Dean.

Dabb said: “We’ll see Dean putting up a fight, but it’s a really hard fight to win,” co-showrunner Andrew Dabb says. “But Dean’s a fighter. He’s going to try to get out even if it doesn’t quite go his way.” As for how that struggle will look, visually, Dabb says, “We have a couple of different approaches to it. Some are very much like he looks into a mirror, and some are going into people’s heads. It’s dependent on the story.” (Source)


Sam steps up into the leadership role in the hunt for Dean and also of the community of around 30 hunters from Apocalypse World who need to learn how to live and hunt in our world. His foremost mission will be to save Dean, and there will be some tension with the Apocalypse World hunters as they will be primarily concerned with killing Michael. Sam is in a unique position as he also knows what it is like to be possessed by an archangel.

Cas and Jack

Jack will be dealing with the loss of his powers, and how that affects his sense of who he is. Cas will be a mentor to Jack, as he can relate to his loss of powers, of having to work out who he is and how he fits in, without powers and to having to learn about living as human. Jack's powers will regenerate, but slowly.

Recurring characters

  • Mary and Bobby are back and a romantic relationship may develop between them.
  • Jody returns in episode 3 and Rowena in episode 7. Other returning characters -- Maggie from Apocalypse World, some other Wayward sisters, Charlie, and possibly Ketch.
  • They have discussed using Michael (from the Cage) to combat Apocalypse World Michael but he's not returning at this stage.
  • While they share some traits, Bobby and Charlie are different characters than the original versions. These people have lived in a world that has been under seige for more than 30 years which means. Bobby is growing to respect the Winchesters, but does not have the same paternal relationship OG Bobby had with them. We will see some conflict with AU Charlie, as the boys have to readjust from treating her like a little sister. (nice to note though - she is still a lesbian!).
  • Danneel is back as Anael and Jensen has filmed a scene with her, as Michael.
  • Conflicting comments about whether we will see the Impala driven by anyone other than Dean, or in the first few episodes at all.
  • Lucifer is really dead.

Other tidbits

  • We will see monsters like vampires and werewolves this season, but they will be different than previously encountered in some way.
  • We won't be returning to Apocalypse World.
  • One episode will explore one of Dean’s childhood passions which brings in some pop culture we haven't seen before.
  • We will see less of Heaven and Hell in the first half of the season.
  • Brad Buckner and Eugenie Ross-Leming have written episode 7.