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Casting a scrying spell.

A locating spell. When you witches use crystals and then prisms and mirrors to divine images of who you're trying to find.

Sam Winchester, 11.03 The Bad Seed

Scrying is a type of location spell used by witches. With the aid of crystals, prisms, or mirrors, witches are able to divine images and the location of any individuals they are trying to locate.

Mediums have been known to use crystal balls since quartz acts as a divination tool for summoning spirits for communication.


1.16 Shadow

Sam talks about how Meg was using the Goblet of Blood to communicate with someone, mentioning how witches used to scry into crystal balls or animal entrails.

7.07 The Mentalists

Imelda Graven, a psychic who uses a crystal ball, was killed by it at the hands of the vengeful spirit of Margaret Fox summoned by Jimmy Tomorrow.

Sam and Dean discuss how quartz was used by mediums for centuries, acting as an antenna for spirits. Since Lily Dale, NY is filled with psychics, both real and fake, summoning spirits, Sam clarifies it'd make it complicated for them to find the ghost they're looking for.

Camille Thibideaux, one of the fake psychics, uses cat bones to supposedly communicate with spirits and predict whether her client's brother is going back to prison.

11.03 The Bad Seed

Sam and Dean interrogate a witch who survived a demon attack on Rowena in a restaurant. The woman feigns ignorance about being a witch or knowing what scrying is until Sam dumps out her purse and finds chicken bones, hex bags, and a pentagram. She attempts to perform a spell, but it stops. Dean convinces her that if she gives up Rowena, Crowley would no longer want her dead. When she tells the Winchesters she doesn't have her crystals, Dean offers her her cosmetic mirror. After a simple Latin incantation, the witch is able to divine that Rowena is in the middle of packing a bag.

"Ostende mihi illum quem quaero."

12.01 Keep Calm and Carry On

After Crowley persuades her to help him get revenge, Rowena casts a scrying spell using a crystal ball to search for Lucifer's aura. After a brief fight, Rowena manages to detect and locate Lucifer. She uses the same Latin incantation from 11.03 The Bad Seed, albeit with two words mixed up:

"Ostende illum mihi quem quaero."

12.14 The Raid

When the Alpha Vampire leads a vampire attack on the British Men of Letters Mobile Command and causes the comms to go out, Serena Colman suggests a scrying spell to get a message to England for help. Sam shoots this down, telling her they can't wait for backup.

14.18 Absence

Rowena tells Sam that her attempts to use scrying magic to locate Jack have failed, due to his energy being too unstable. She claims it was like looking at the sun.

15.06 Golden Time

Witch Mother and her daughter Emily use a scrying spell to spy on Rowena's apartment and see that Sam Winchester is able to enter without being killed as her other daughter, Jacinda, had.