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Name Mark aka "Sarge"
Actor Bobby Hosea
Dates  ???? - 2006 (killed by Duane Tanner)
Location Rivergrove, Oregon
Occupation Marine Master Sergeant (retired)
Episode(s) 2.09 Croatoan


Mark, also known as "Sarge," is a retired Marine and had attained the rank of master sergeant, and is one of the few people not to be infected with the Croatoan virus.


2.09 Croatoan

Sarge encounters Sam and Dean in Rivergrove, Oregon when they are looking for Duane Tanner, after telling him that their father was in the corp, he reluctantly tells them where they can find Duane.

Sarge next encounters Dean after Dean has escaped a roadblock and the entire town has become infected. They have short stand-off before Sarge lowers his weapon and believes Dean to not be infected, Sarge reluctantly gets in the Impala after Dean tells him there is no escape from the town, and the two drive back to the doctors office. Once at the office, Sarge works along with Dean and Sam protecting the clinic.

After surviving the infection, Sarge was last seen leaving the town with Duane Tanner, who was secretly a demon. Duane slits Sarge's throat and uses the blood to make a call with the goblet of blood, revealing that he was working with Azazel.