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Name Sarah
Actor Bellamy Young
Dates  ???? - 2009 (killed in home invasion)
Location Pike Creek, Delaware
Episode(s) 5.01 Sympathy for the Devil


Sarah was the husband of Nick. She and her son Teddy were murdered during a house break-in. According to the police report, they were both beaten to death with a hammer.


5.01 Sympathy for the Devil

Lucifer uses Sarah's form to speak to her grieving husband Nick, who is chosen as his vessel, and convinces Nick to allow Lucifer to possess him.

14.02 Gods and Monsters

Nick begins to get flashbacks of the hallucinations brought on by Lucifer involving the death of his wife and son. After discovering that their murder case went cold, Nick decides to search for the person responsible for his family's deaths, but the local police were uncooperative. Although there was no trace of DNA evidence that could potentially lead back to the killer, he discovers that his neighbor Arty Nielson reported seeing someone exit the house around the time of death, but he later changed his story.

Nick pays a visit to his old neighbor to ask him about why he changed his story. Arty refuses to say anything and enforces that he didn't see anything, though Nick doesn't believe him. He tells Arty that his wife and son were killed with a hammer and wonders why Arty looked outside his window that night. Arty is still afraid to talk and Nick soon becomes agitated and lashes out. He declares that he's gonna get justice for his family's deaths and proceeds to beat Arty to death with a hammer.