Santino Scarpatti

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Name Santino Scarpatti
Actor Al Sapienza
Dates  ???? - 2017 (killed by Mr. Cromarty)
Location Seattle, Washington
Occupation Mobster
Episode(s) 13.15 A Most Holy Man


Santino Scarpatti was the head of the Seattle mob and a collector of religious relics and antiquities. Scarpatti believed that, as a good Catholic, it was his duty to give religious relics a proper home, having them stolen if necessary. In 2017, he hired a man by the name of Antonio Miele to break into the Holy Sisters of Malta Monastery to steal the Skull of St. Peter to add to his collection.


13.15 A Most Holy Man

Waiting in his study, stroking his cat, Scarpatti greets the Winchesters and tells the brothers that he had them checked out and was surprised to find that they are officially dead. He tells them he could have them "whacked" if he wanted, but assures them if he did want that they already would be dead. He goes on to tell the Winchesters how he paid Antonio Miele to steal the skull of St. Peter, and with Miele dead he still feels the skull is owed to him. Learning of their deal with Richard Greenstreet, he makes them another offer: if they hand the skull over to him, he will give them a handsome "finder's fee" to buy whatever they need from Greenstreet, but he warns a questioning Dean that "failure is not an option."

At a warehouse, Scarpatti meets with Margaret Astor, who reveals she will be auctioning off the skull to either Scarpatti, Greenstreet, or Sam Winchester. The three make their blind bids, with Scarpatti bidding $3 million for the skull, beating out Sam's bid of $634,000... and 2 cents. Greenstreet, however, bids nothing, offering Mr. Cromarty $1 million to kill Margaret Astor and give him the skull. A fire fight ensues, where Scarpatti is shot in the chest and killed by Mr. Cromarty.