Sanford Ellicott

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Name Dr. Sanford Ellicott
Actor Norman Armour
Dates  ???? - 1964 (killed in patient riot)
1964 - 2006 (spirit laid to rest by Dean Winchester)
Location Rockford, Illinois
Occupation Psychiatrist
Episode(s) 1.10 Asylum


Dr. Sanford Ellicott was chief psychiatrist at the Roosevelt Asylum where he conducted cruel experiments to test his theories that provoking extreme anger in patients would be therapeutic. Eventually the patients revolted and rioted, killing Dr. Ellicott. His spirit remained in the abandoned building, causing extreme rage in those he came into contact with.

His son is now also a psychiatrist that Sam visits to get information from.

Dr. Ellicott's spirit uses the seeds of Sam's anger at Dean to provoke a murderous rage in which Sam tries to kill Dean. He first shoots Dean with rock salt, and then Dean hands him his revolver and Sam fires, luckily the gun is unloaded. Dean punches Sam and dispatches Dr. Ellicott by salting and burning his corpse.

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