Sandy Porter

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Name Sandy Porter
Actor Magda Apanowicz
Dates February 10, 1903 - 1925 (killed by Yokoth)
Location Alternate Universe
Occupation Vessel for Yokoth
Episode(s) 13.17 The Thing


Sandy was a woman who was kidnapped by Diego Avila's rogue chapterhouse of Men of Letters in Rhode Island. Sandy was used to draw forth new gods to cleanse the Earth. When Yokoth came through the portal, she possessed Sandy, who died soon after.


13.17 The Thing

In 1925, Sandy is dragged in screaming and chained to an altar in Capitulum 7. Diego Avila begins to perform a spell, opening a rift and calling forth the god Yokoth, who wraps her tentacles around Sandy before possessing and killing her.

In 2018, Sam and Dean discover what they think is Sandy Porter captive, apparently not having aged in almost a century in the Rhode Island chapterhouse, unaware she is really Yokoth.