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Samuel Colt and his journal


Samuel Colt, hunter and creator of the Colt, kept a journal. It is found in early 2011 in a hidden library in the Campbell Compound when Dean, Sam, and Bobby are searching for a way to kill Eve. The front of the journal is inscribed with the phrase Non timebo mala over an inverted Pentagram. Both the phrase and the pentagram also appear on The Colt, on the muzzle and the grip, respectively. On one of the pages appears to be the schematics for the iron doors and the inner mechanisms used to build the Devil's Gate in Wyoming.

The fly leaf of the journal indicates Samuel started the journal in 1860.


6.18 Frontierland

After Samuel Campbell's death, Sam uncovers his hidden library located under the desk in his office, and it is there that Dean finds the journal. In the journal, Dean locates an entry that reads "March 5th, 1861. Sunrise, Wyoming territory. Gun killed a Phoenix today. Left a pile of smoldering ashes." This leads them to return to 1861 to try and obtain the ashes of the phoenix to use as a weapon against Eve.

Samuel Colt is writing in his journal when he is confronted by two demons who want him to open the devil's gate, but he uses the Colt to kill them. When Sam talks with Colt, he shows him the journal entry to prove that the gun will be used to kill the phoenix, Elias Finch.

6.21 Let It Bleed

The journal can be seen on Bobby's desk while Sam and Dean go through Samuel's journals to find out how Castiel and Crowley are planning to open Purgatory.


Visible Journal Entries

Samuel's journal reads: March 5th, 1861. Sunrise, Wyoming territory. Gun killed a phoenix today. Left a pile of smoldering ashes.

Dean reads it differently aloud, omitting "territory" and saying "ash" instead of "ashes."

The previous entry ends with: ...the trail out of Rock Creek was rife with cattle mutilations. Certainly the work of infernal hands.

The designs below the journal entry are similar to the design on The Colt.

March 26th, 1860. And there blew up the worst storm that had ever been seen in Sunrise, Wyoming. It alighted from N.E. to S.E. with terrible wind and rain. At two o'clock it began to break. Thank goodness that it is a real genuine storm and not a harbinger of evil.
March 30th, 1860. Preparations for the festive holidays show bright colors in the shop downtown. I am anxious to make sure no malice has shown itself to harm the small population here.
April 1st, 1860. Christmas Day's today, so they are celebrating [...] prefer to stay quietly at home and read the newspaper. Time [...] enough to gorge on turkey [...] food later.
April 3rd, 1860. New Year [...] and so...
April 4th, 1860. Buried two demons today. Almost forgot, amidst the days stranger events occur. The sky casts an ominous glow on the shadows. Must check on the water supply for contamination. I feel a vibration emanating from the sky. Strange events abound.
April 6th, 1860. Elkins has sought me out on two occasions. I gave no mind to his requests. Only a fool would stick his nose into matters such as his [...] evidence of that. He's seen [...] preternatural at work [...] be a sobering waste of time, I may well...
[...] that the trail east of Rock Creek was ripe with cattle mutilations. Certainly the work of infernal hands.
March 5th, 1861. Sunrise, Wyoming territory. Gun killed a phoenix today. Left a pile of smoldering ashes.


  • Strangely enough, it seems that Christmas and New Years occurred in April. The numbers from the dates could be the coordinates (41.431860, -111.251860) which are right outside the border of southwestern Wyoming and about 64 miles from Ogden, Utah. The discrepancies in the dates could also be a part of the common belief that Jesus' birthday actually occurred sometime in the Spring. Sam even stated that the Winter Solstice Festival was co-opted by the church and renamed "Christmas" in 3.08 A Very Supernatural Christmas.