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Dean: House rules, Sammy. Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole.
Sam: You know, Sammy is a chubby 12-year-old. It's Sam, okay?

Dean and Sam, 1.01 Pilot

Dean's nickname for Sam is Sammy, generally used either for teasing or in moments of great emotion. While Sam initially protests its use after he and Dean first reunite in 2005, it becomes clear it has as much meaning for Sam as it does for Dean when Gordon Walker uses it and Sam retorts "He's the only one who gets to call me that."[1]

This entry records the instances when Dean calls his brother "Sammy" or refers to Sam as "Sammy" when talking with others. Other characters refer to Sam as “Sammy” throughout the series, but they are not currently included. Timestamps are approximate and may vary depending on your episode source.

Here is a video link for every time that Dean says "Sammy" through all fifteen seasons.

Season 1

Dean calls or refers to his brother as “Sammy” 30 times in 12 episodes.

1.01 Pilot

Dean: It's okay, Sammy. (03:54)
Dean: You're not hearing me, Sammy. Dad's missing. I need you to help me find him. (08:34)
Dean: Not bad, Sammy. Kind of like riding a bike, isn't it? (11:30)
Dean: Well, house rules, Sammy. Driver picks the music... shotgun shuts his cake hole. (18:28)
Dean: Troy told us. We're his uncles. I'm Dean. This is Sammy. (21:26)
Dean: You can pretend all you want, Sammy. But sooner or later you're gonna have to face up to who you really are. (24:48)
Dean: Fake 911 phone call, Sammy? I don't know, that's pretty illegal. (36:25)
Dean: Sammy, would you shut up for a second? (36:36)
Dean: Nice work, Sammy. (41:41)

1.05 Bloody Mary

  • At 37:55, Dean is concerned because Bloody Mary hurt Sam.
Dean: Sammy? Sammy!
Sam: It's Sam.

1.10 Asylum

  • At 33:50, Dean calls for Sam as he is looking in the basement of the Asylum.
Dean: Sammy? Sam, you down here?
  • At 38:31, Dean apologizes for hitting a possessed Sam.
Dean: Sorry, Sammy.

1.11 Scarecrow

Dean: I'm proud of you, Sammy. (25:59)

1.12 Faith

Dean: Look, Sammy, what can I say, man? It's a dangerous gig. That's it, end of story. (5:08)

1.14 Nightmare

Dean: Sammy, relax, I'm sure it's just a nightmare. (3:08)

1.15 The Benders

  • At 6:42, an anxious Dean yells for a missing Sam.
Dean: Sam? Sammy?

1.16 Shadow

Dean: So, Sammy’s got a thing for the bad girl. (20:51)

1.17 Hell House

Dean: What's the matter, Sammy? You afraid you're gonna get a little Nair in your shampoo again? (4:35)

1.18 Something Wicked

Dean: Dad wouldn't have sent us coordinates if it wasn't important, Sammy. (03:21)
Dean: It's all about confidence, Sammy. (05:29)
Dean: "Watch out for Sammy." I know. (10:53)
Dean: Yeah, Sammy. It happens. (12:36)

1.19 Provenance

  • At 34:48 and 36:41, a worried Dean calls for Sammy when he is trapped in the house by the ghost.
Dean: Sammy, you alright?
Dean: Sammy, you okay?

1.20 Dead Man's Blood

Dean: Sammy, come on, we can Q&A after we kill all the vampires. (19:02)
Dean: Look we're all tired, we can talk about this later, Sammy. I mean it, come on. (19:22)
Dean: You know what Sammy and I have been hunting. Hell you sent us on a few hunting trips yourself. (33:28)
Dean: Think maybe Sammy's right about this one. We should do this together. (34:18)

1.22 Devil's Trap

  • At 1:52, Dean explains to Sam that Meg has John.
Dean: I just told you, Sammy.

Season 2

Dean calls or refers to his brother as “Sammy” 45 times in 16 episodes.

2.01 In My Time of Dying

Dean: Sammy. You look good. (05:21)
Dean: Sammy, tell me you can freaking hear me, man. There's something in the hospital. (12:40)
Dean: Don't worry, Sammy. I'm not going anywhere. (15:30)
Dean: Thanks for not giving up on me, Sammy. (24:34)

2.02 Everybody Loves a Clown

Dean: Oh, you're such a stickler for details, Sammy. (32:20)

2.03 Bloodlust

Dean: You alright, Sammy? (15:04)
Dean: Sammy. Remind me to beat that buzzkill out of you later, alright? (15:42)
Dean: Sammy's waiting in the car, and uh, me and my dad take the thing into the woods, burn it to a crisp. (16:25)
Dean: I can't talk about this to Sammy. You know, I gotta keep my game face on. (18:54)
Dean: Not sure Sammy would agree with you, but uh... (20:37)
Dean: Think about all the hunts we went on, Sammy, our whole lives. (40:34)

2.08 Crossroad Blues

Dean: Not allowed to say no, Sammy. Not unless you got a better idea. (25:56)

2.09 Croatoan

Dean: Sammy! Open up! (19:05)

2.10 Hunted

Dean: He said that I might have to kill you, Sammy. (04:49)
Dean: You ditched me, Sammy. (23:05)

2.11 Playthings

Dean: How you feeling, Sammy? (20:25)

2.13 Houses of the Holy

Dean: Sam, come on, get the lead out. Sammy? (21:04)

2.14 Born Under a Bad Sign

Dean: Sammy? Where the hell are you? Are you okay? (01:06)
Dean: See, Sammy is a diabetic, and uh, if he doesn't get his insulin, I just, I have to find him.(18:14).
Dean: No, Sammy. Come on. (25:48)
Dean: Sammy? (38:21)

2.16 Roadkill

Dean: I think you spoke a little too soon, Sammy. (09:53)
Dean: Sammy's always getting a little J. Love Hewitt when it comes to things like this. (20:04)

2.17 Heart

Dean: Aww, Sammy. (13:06)
Dean: Look, Sammy. I gotta let you go, I uh, I don't wanna miss anything. (16:37)
Dean: We'll find her, Sammy. (34:17)
Dean: Sammy, I don't think we got a choice here anymore. (34:40)
Dean: Sammy, I got this one. I'll do it. (38:58)

2.18 Hollywood Babylon

Dean: Sammy, check it out, it's Matt Damon. (05:09)

2.19 Folsom Prison Blues

Dean: That's the Sammy I know. Come on, man, you're like Clint Eastwood from Escape From Alcatraz. (20:59)

2.20 What Is and What Should Never Be

Dean: Sammy! Look at you, you're with Jessica, I don't believe it. (14:40)
Dean: Congratulations, Sammy. (16:20)
Dean: I'm just happy for you, Sammy. (17:58)
Dean: Sammy and I... We don't get along. (19:45)
Dean: All of them. Everyone that you saved, everyone Sammy and I saved. They're all dead. (23:10)
Dean: What, Mom's not supposed to live her life, Sammy's not supposed to get married? (23:59)
Dean: I'll see you, Sammy. (26:41)
Dean: I'm not going to a rubber room, Sammy. And we got work to do. (29:01)

2.21 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part One

  • At 3:35 and 3:43, a frantic Dean calls for a missing Sam, twice.
  • At 39:26, Dean comforts a dying Sammy.
Dean: It’s not even that bad, all right? Sammy? Sam!
  • At 39:44 Dean realizes Sammy's gone.
Dean: Sammy!

2.22 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part Two

Dean: I remember I begged you, "Quit asking, Sammy. Man, you don't want to know." (06:55)
Dean: What am I supposed do? Sammy? (08:31)
  • At 13:55, a relieved Dean is happy to see that Sammy is awake.

Season 3

Dean calls or refers to his brother as “Sammy” 28 times in 11 episodes.

3.02 The Kids Are Alright

Dean: Don't wait up for me, Sammy. (05:50)

3.04 Sin City

  • At 14:38, Dean addresses Sammy on the phone.
Dean: Sammy, down here! The basement caved in! (33:29)
Dean: Sammy, be careful. (33:36)

3.06 Red Sky at Morning

Dean: Sammy? Better start reading. (35:14)
Dean: Sammy, read faster! (36:19)

3.07 Fresh Blood

Dean: Sammy, stay here. (27:58)

3.08 A Very Supernatural Christmas

  • At 30:11 and 30:13 Dean calls out for Sam when the pagan gods take his blood.

3.10 Dream a Little Dream of Me

Dream!Dean: No, all there is is "Watch out for Sammy! Look out for your little brother, boy!" (34:01)

3.11 Mystery Spot

Dean: Rise and shine, Sammy! (00:52)
Dean: Rise and shine, Sammy! (05:57)
Dean: Rise and shine, Sammy! (10:16)
Dean: Sammy, I get all tingly when you take control like that. (10:38)
Dean: Rise and shine, Sammy! (15:51)
Dean: Sammy? Maybe you should drop the axe and let this guy go, whaddya say? (18:03)
Dean: Sammy, that's enough. Gimme the axe. (18:20)
Dean: Rise and shine, Sammy! (23:52)

3.13 Ghostfacers

  • At 22:53, 22:58, and 24:26, Dean shouts for Sam after the ghost takes him.

3.14 Long-Distance Call

Dean: Shocking. Pack your panties, Sammy, we're hitting the road. (04:15)
Dean: I was looking after Sammy, like you told me to. (18:26)
Dean: Don't get too excited, Sammy, might pull something. (21:40)

3.15 Time Is on My Side

Dean: Sammy, be careful. (16:05)
Dean: I'm really screwed, Sammy. (31:08).
  • At 32:08, Dean calls for Sam when his phone goes dead during the conversation.

3.16 No Rest for the Wicked

Dean: Sammy, all I'm saying is that you're my weak spot. You are. And I'm yours. (13:43)

Season 4

Dean calls or refers to his brother as “Sammy” 25 times in 13 episodes.

4.01 Lazarus Rising

  • At 11:53, Dean is concerned that Sam made a deal for him to get him out of Hell.
Dean: Damn it, Sammy.
  • At 14:04, Dean reunites with Sam in the motel room.
Dean: Heya, Sammy.
  • At 16:38, Dean tells Sam he believes him when Sam says wasn't involved in Dean's ressurection.
Dean: It's okay, Sammy.

4.03 In the Beginning

Dean: Sammy, wherever you are... Mom is a babe. (9:27)

4.06 Yellow Fever

  • At 29:29, Dean tells Sam that he is afraid he is going to die.
  • At 40:38, Dean assures Sammy that he is fine after the ghost sickness is gone.

4.08 Wishful Thinking

  • At 18:01 Dean wants to know what Sammy would wish for.

4.10 Heaven and Hell

  • Dean congratulates Sammy on a successful plan to bring the angels and demons together at 37:23.
  • Dean tells Sammy about hell at 40:17 and how he wishes he couldn't feel anything at 41:38.

4.12 Criss Angel Is a Douchebag

  • Dean explains to Sammy that they will die before they get old at 21:40.
  • At 22:04, Dean wants to know if something is going on when Sammy thinks there might be a way to win.

4.13 After School Special

  • Teenage Dean is wondering what is bothering Young Sammy at 7:21.
  • Teenage Dean greets Young Sammy in the hallway of Truman High at 16:05.
  • Teenage Dean is upset that Young Sammy was punched by Dirk at 18:35.

4.14 Sex and Violence

  • Dean is excited that he and Sammy are on a case with strippers at 10:50.

4.15 Death Takes a Holiday

  • At 23:14, Dean explains to Tessa how hard it was to lose his dad and Sammy.

4.17 It's a Terrible Life

  • At 22:12, Dean Smith calls Sam Wesson “Sammy” while they are investigating the ghost of the week.

4.19 Jump the Shark

  • Dean is upset that Sammy is telling Adam that they are hunters at 15:44.

4.21 When the Levee Breaks

  • At 2:15, Dean tells Sammy, who is locked in the panic room, that he will not be part of the fight to kill Lilith.
  • At 15:18, Dean wants assurances from Castiel that if he helps with the apocalypse, then Sammy doesn't have to.
  • At 17:52, Dean explains to Bobby that he had to say yes to the Angels because he can't let Sammy trust a demon.

4.22 Lucifer Rising

  • At 14:13, Dean apologizes to Sammy in the voice mail message that Sam never gets.
  • At 36:48, Dean tries to get Sammy to stop killing Lilith.
  • Dean wants Sammy to leave as Lucifer rises at 41:47.

Season 5

Dean calls or refers to his brother as “Sammy” 23 times in 13 episodes.

5.01 Sympathy for the Devil After the Boys take Bobby to the hospital, Dean tells Sammy that they need to leave and get the Michael sword at 26:07. Dean is upset that Sammy picked a demon over him at 40:05.

5.02 Good God, Y'All When the Boys decide to split up, Dean tells Sammy to take care of himself at 40:44.

5.04 The End At 2:50, Dean questions Sammy about being Lucifer's vessel.

5.07 The Curious Case of Dean Winchester At 22:13, “old” Dean patronizes Sammy about getting to be his age. At 29:21, “old” Dean advises Sammy not to lose at poker.

5.08 Changing Channels Dean is surprised that Sammy wants to work with the Trickster at 8:22.

5.09 The Real Ghostbusters “Gee, ya think Sammy”: LARPing Dean to LARPing Sammy at 16:16 and Dean to Sammy at 25:03.

5.10 Abandon All Hope... At 20:38, Dean tells Sammy that if they got a shot at Lucifer, they need to take it. Michael refers to Sam as Dean's "darling little Sammy."

5.13 The Song Remains the Same At 31:37, an anguished Dean yells for Sammy as Anna kills him in 1978.

5.14 My Bloody Valentine At 35:36 and 36:15, Dean is concerned about Sammy when it appears he has drunk demon blood again and he kills Famine's demon minions.

5.16 Dark Side of the Moon A confused Dean wonders why a teenaged Sammy has a box of fireworks at 3:32. A distressed Dean wants him and Sammy to leave their old house at 28:37 when Mom starts talking about the night she died.

5.18 Point of No Return In his letter, Dean tells Sammy that one Winchester lost to the fight is enough, as can be seen at 4:03.

5.20 The Devil You Know Dean warns Sammy about the hellhounds at 33:11. Dean confirms with Sammy that the demons just don't get the Winchesters at 35:45.

5.22 Swan Song At 15:19 and 15:21, Dean tries to help Sammy jump into hell after saying yes to Lucifer. At 30:53 and 31:40, Dean tries to get Sammy's attention while Lucifer is wearing Sam's meat suit.

Season 6

Dean calls or refers to his brother as “Sammy” 12 times in 8 episodes.

6.01 Exile On Main St. Dean is shocked to see that Sammy is back from hell at 16:53.

6.04 Weekend At Bobby's At 16:24, Dean warns Sammy as he lights up the monster of the week.

6.05 Live Free or Twihard After ingesting vampire blood, a confused Dean sees Sammy at 15:48. Dean tests Sammy by saying he can count on Sammy to watch his back at 40:54.

6.06 You Can't Handle the Truth Dean thanks Sammy at 26:29.

6.13 Unforgiven Dean panics as Sammy collapses with memories of hell at 39:53, 39:54, and 39:56.

6.14 Mannequin 3: The Reckoning At 1:28, a frantic Dean tries to wake Sammy who has collapsed with memories of hell.

6.15 The French Mistake Dean tells Sammy he doesn't like the alternate universe they've wound up and that they need to find a way out.

6.22 The Man Who Knew Too Much A worried Dean watches over Sammy in the panic room after Cas breaks the Great Wall of Sam at 13:00. As Sammy absorbs Soulless Sam in his head, Dean watches over him in the panic room at 20:39. Dean begs Sammy to wake up at 26:28.

Season 7

Dean calls or refers to his brother as “Sammy” 13 times in 6 episodes.

7.02 Hello, Cruel World Dean calls to Sammy to wake him up at 7:07 and 7:09 while he sleeps on Bobby's couch. Dean looks for Sammy when he returns to Bobby's at 30:51. Dean tries to convince Sammy that he is no longer in hell at 36:17. Dean tries to wake an unconscious Sammy, who was hit by a tire iron wielding Leviathon at 40:23. A frantic Dean asks Sammy to stay with him as they ride in the ambulance at 41:00.

7.03 The Girl Next Door Dean wants Sammy's opinion at 6:52 and 6:55 on the Leviathan mess.

7.04 Defending Your Life Sam is listed as Sammy in Dean's cell phone.

7.08 Season Seven, Time for a Wedding! Sam is again listed as Sammy in Dean's cell phone.

7.06 Slash Fiction Dean thinks he sees Sammy at 31:19 and then realizes that it isn't Sammy, but Leviathan!Sammy at 31:21. Dean asks Sammy if he is OK at 34:02.

7.12 Time After Time After Time Dean addresses Sammy in a letter that he writes which is read by Jody Mills at 34:09.

7.14 Plucky Pennywhistle's Magical Menagerie Dean teases Sammy about his clown phobia at 12:22.

7.20 The Girl with the Dungeons and Dragons Tattoo Dean tells Sammy to stop laughing as he is helping Charlie flirt her way past the security guard at 25:52.

Season 8

Dean calls or refers to his brother as “Sammy” 29 times in 16 episodes.

8.01 We Need To Talk About Kevin At 7:47, Dean is frustrated because Sammy doesn't want to test him with salt, silver, and holy water. At 11:41, Dean is angry that Sammy didn't look for him when Dean was in Purgatory.

8.02 What's Up, Tiger Mommy? At 9:55, Dean is elated that he and Sammy may be able to close the gates of Hell.

8.03 Heartache At 24:13, Dean teases Sammy about his sports idol.

8.06 Southern Comfort At 24:05, Dean asks Sammy for help to open the coffin. At 34:06, possessed Dean lists Sammy's mistakes. At 40:17, Dean calls for Sammy.

8.07 A Little Slice Of Kevin At 20:00, Dean explains Purgatory to Sammy.

8.09 Citizen Fang Dean wants Sammy to give him some time to talk to Benny at 8:08. Dean answers the phone when Sammy calls about the phantom text at 40:14.

8.11 LARP and the Real Girl Dean reminds Sammy about fun at 2:49.

8.12 As Time Goes By At 33:26, Dean answers his phone thinking that Sammy is calling him. At 34:09, Dean tells Henry that Abaddon has Sammy. At 40:56, Dean tells Sammy that Dad did his best under the circumstances.

8.13 Everybody Hates Hitler Dean and Sammy find the Bat Cave at 6:08.

8.14 Trial and Error Dean tells Sammy they have to stalk Alice Cassity to figure out if she made a demon deal or not at 13:21. Dean is concerned for Sammy after he completes the first trial at 41:17.

8.15 Man's Best Friend with Benefits At 3:47, Dean complains to Sammy that the guy saved their lives once and they don't necessarily owe they guy anything. Dean tells Sammy that he is behind him and trusts him to complete the trials at 40:59.

8.16 Remember the Titans Dean tells Hayley that he and Sammy can take care of Zeus at 26:03.

8.17 Goodbye Stranger At 39:57, Dean asks Sammy to be honest with him about how he is feeling with regards to the trials.

8.20 Pac-Man Fever Dean is anxious to get out of Charlie's nightmare so he can help Sammy with the other djinn at 31:45.

8.22 Clip Show Dean wants Sammy to check out the dungeon that he found in the Men of Letters Bunker at 6:58. Dean explains to Cas that Sammy always comes through at 11:03. Dean explains to Father Simon that Sammy is going to get rid of all demons at 13:17.

8.23 Sacrifice It's one thing for Dean and Sammy to close the gates of Hell, but Dean is worried about Cas closing the gates of Heaven at 22:49. Dean asks Sammy to stop the third trial at 35:19, and then at 38:47 Dean explains that there isn't anything Dean would put in front of Sammy. Dean is worried about Sammy who has collapsed against the Impala at 40:44.

Season 9

Dean calls or refers to his brother as “Sammy” 27 times in 12 episodes.

9.01 I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here Dean prays to Cas because Sammy is hurt and Dean needs help at 4:56. Dean, in Sam's subconscious, explains that he killed Bobby because he was the part of Sammy that wants to die at 25:53.

9.02 Devil May Care Dean calls for Sammy as Sam wakes up after being attacked by demons at 33:47.

9.04 Slumber Party A concerned Dean worries about Sammy after Sam passes out because Zeke (aka Gadreel) brought Charlie back to life at 27:44.

9.05 Dog Dean Afternoon Dean tries to wake up Sammy, twice, at 37:04 and 37:06 after Sam is knocked unconscious by the bad guy. Dean, in an effort to continue to hide the big Ezekiel lie, explains to Sammy that the bad guy was crazy at 39:26.

9.07 Bad Boys Dean is worried about Sammy when the ghost attacks at 34:50.

9.08 Rock and a Hard Place Dean answers a phone call from Sammy at 21:17. While Dean is buried underground, he tries to reach Sammy through a bad cell connection at 30:38. Dean calls for Sammy 4 times when he realizes that Sam has found where he is buried at 34:31, 34:32, 34:37, and 34:45. Dean wants Sammy to have a little faith at 41:16.

9.10 Road Trip Dean explains to Castiel that Sammy was dying and so Dean agreed to let in an angel at 5:08.

9.12 Sharp Teeth While on the phone with his brother, Dean tries to convince Sammy that there isn't a case and that he should leave town at 7:36.

9.13 The Purge Dean calls Sammy on the phone because Dean needs help at 22:36, and then at 23:34, Dean calls out to Sammy, who is looking for Dean.

9.19 Alex Annie Alexis Ann Dean tells Sammy that it seems that Jody doesn't need their help anymore at 3:45.

9.20 Bloodlines Dean asks Sammy to give Ennis "the talk" about monsters at 17:10. Dean gets Sammy's attention to show him the blood and meat that he has found at 18:08.

9.21 King of the Damned Dean says to Sammy "that's cold" as they interrogate/scam the angel that works for Metatron at 15:34. Dean explains that when he touched the First Blade, he knew that he had to go it alone, without Sammy, at 39:48.

9.23 Do You Believe in Miracles? A disbelieving Dean calls for Sammy to let him out of the dungeon at 2:28. Before confronting Metatron and in an attempt to clear the air, Dean brings up the past few months to Sammy at 23:21. A gravely injured Dean tells Sammy to leave him because Sammy needs to get away before Metatron returns at 34:44.

Season 10

Dean calls or refers to his brother as “Sammy” 31 times in 12 episodes.

10.01 Black Four weeks into his search for Dean, Sam goes to Dean's room where he reads a note that says "Sammy Let Me Go" at 4:19.

10.02 Reichenbach Demon Dean thanks Sammy for the laugh because Sam thinks he is going to take Dean home at 34:02. Demon Dean recognizes the guy, Cole, as the one that was going to put a bullet in Sammy's brain at 35:05. Demon Dean doesn't intend to show Sammy any mercy at 41:40.

10.03 Soul Survivor At 3:07, Demon Dean doesn't want Sammy to cure him. At 6:57, Demon Dean doesn't want Sammy to be “so full of himself”. At 11:41, Demon Dean asks Sammy, if he is prepared to do what needs to be done if the cure doesn't work. While stalking his brother in a cat and mouse game in the bunker, Demon Dean taunts Sammy at 29:29, 32:14, 34:31, 34:54, and 35:01.

10.04 Paper Moon At 31:26, Dean wants Sammy to follow him into the cabin to kill Tasha, the werewolf.

10.05 Fan Fiction Dean tells Fake Sammy to take a bow at 36:07. Fake Dean sings about bringing home Baby Sammy at 5:43 and 28:46. At 28:21, Fake Dean tells Fake Sammy that he is right, they belong on the road, just the two of them.

10.12 About a Boy Dean tells Sammy that he may have something on the case at 9:55. Teen Dean greets Sam with a “Hi'Ya Sammy” at 17:06.

10.13 Halt and Catch Fire Dean appreciates Sammy's efforts to find a cure for the Mark of Cain at approximately 4:00. Dean jokes with Sammy about killing the internet at approximately 37 minutes. Dean tells Sammy that he is done trying to find a cure for the Mark of Cain at approximately 55 minutes.

10.15 The Things They Carried Dean tells Sammy that at some point they have to face the truth about the Mark (approximately 3 minutes). At the end, Dean calls Sammy to tell him that the plan worked on Cole (approximately 48 minutes).

10.16 Paint It Black Dean asks Sammy how long it has been since his last confession at 15:15 minutes. Dean halfheartedly agrees with Sammy about finding a cure for the Mark at 41:00.

10.17 Inside Man At 30:50, Dean wonders if Crowley is soft because of the human blood that Sammy pumped into him.

10.18 Book of the Damned Dean talks to Sammy about vacationing at the beach at 31:18.

10.19 The Werther Project At 14:35, Dean asks Sammy how the case is going. At 21:33, Dean calls for Sammy as Suzie holds a gun on Dean. At 37:45, a worried Dean tells Sammy that it is all a trick and stops him from cutting himself again.

10.23 Brother's Keeper At 21:50, Dean tells Sammy that he tried to fight the Mark of Cain. When Dean is standing over Sam, preparing to kill him, he tells Sammy to close his eyes at 33:28.

Season 11

Dean calls or refers to his brother as “Sammy” 11 times in 6 episodes.

11.08 Just My Imagination At 9:40, Young Dean tells Young Sammy that he can go on a hunt next time.

11.09 O Brother Where Art Thou? Dean is sorry to stick Sammy with witch duty at 16:03.

11.10 The Devil in the Details A worried Dean walks into the Bunker calling for Sammy at 11:24.

11.11 Into the Mystic Dean asks Sammy not to judge his love of Blanche from the Golden Girls at 27:21.

11.12 Don't You Forget About Me During Dean and Jody's conversation, Dean admits that he and Sammy could have benefited from a mom at 10:59 and then he goes on to say that he will have Sammy talk to Clair about college and life at 11:50.

11.17 Red Meat At 12:52, a distraught Dean tries to wake Sammy and again at 13:07. Then, at 34:17, a relieved Dean answers Sammy's call, and at 34:33, Dean tries to hear Sammy on a bad connection.

Season 12

Dean calls or refers to his brother as “Sammy” 13 times in 7 episodes.

12.01 Keep Calm and Carry On At 3:45, Dean explains to Mary that “Sammy” came along after him. At 14:57 and 15:33, Dean calls for Sammy after finding blood in the bunker.

12.02 Mamma Mia At 14:45, Dean explains to Mary that Sammy went to Stanford. (He says it twice.)

12.04 American Nightmare At 28:19 and 28:39, Dean says Sammy because Sam has stopped talking on the phone.

12.06 Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox At 25:13, Dean calls out to Sammy who is locked in the house. At 29:32, Dean is looking for Sammy after he gets into the house.

12.12 Stuck in the Middle (With You) At 19:28, Dean calls to Sammy because Castiel is dying.

12.14 The Raid At 12:19, Dean returns to the Bunker and he is looking for Sammy.

12.18 The Memory Remains At 9:29, Dean tells Sammy to work smarter, not harder.

12.22 Who We Are At 26:20, Mary in her subconscious, wants to take Sammy to the park. At 28:38, Dean explains to Mary how Yellow Eyes went into Sammy's room.

Season 13

Dean calls or refers to his brother as “Sammy” 15 times in 11 episodes.

13.01 Lost and Found At 2:27, Dean calls for Sammy as he runs into the room where the nephilim is.

13.04 The Big Empty At 36:25, Dean explains to Jack that Sammy has faith in Jack.

13.10 Wayward Sisters At 28:58, Dean calls out to Sammy to wake him up after they were attacked in the Bad Place.

13.12 Various & Sundry Villains At 35:18, Dean calls out to Sammy and says that the witches Jamie Plum and Jennie Plum are weirdly strong.

13.14 Good Intentions At 23:13, Dean and Castiel come into the Bunker and see a mess, so Dean yells for Sammy.

13.15 A Most Holy Man At 21:19, Dean comes into the hotel room to find an unconscious Sammy.

13.16 Scoobynatural At 4:11, when Sam wants to know when Dean had time to set up the Dean Cave, Dean tells Sammy that when it is important, you make time.

13.17 The Thing At 23:11, Dean calls out to Sammy as Dean fights the mysterious hooded figures. At 23:45, Dean again calls out to Sammy who has been taken by the hooded figures.

13.20 Unfinished Business At 10:48, Dean yells as one of the demigods chokes Sammy.

13.21 Beat the Devil At 31:39 Dean yells for Sammy who is being attacked by Apocalypse World vampires. At 32:00 Dean calls for Sammy as he runs after the vampires who have dragged Sam away.

13.23 Let The Good Times Roll At 30:13, Dean is worried for Sammy as he reaches out for Jack after Lucifer takes his grace. At 30:21, Dean yells for Sammy as he disappears with Lucifer and Jack. At 37:17, Dean/Michael says hello to Sammy.

Season 14

Dean calls or refers to his brother as “Sammy” 11 times in 5 episodes, not counting the memories of previous episodes in 14.10 Nihilism.

14.02 Gods and Monsters

  • At 38:58, as Dean walks into the church, he reveals he isn't Michael by calling out to Sammy.

14.11 Damaged Goods

  • At 04:25, Dean gives Sammy a hug.
Dean: Take care, Sammy.

14.12 Prophet and Loss

  • At 02:20, Dean calls out for Sammy, twice, as he has a nightmare about being inside the Ma'lak Box.

14.17 Game Night

Dean: Winchester game night is a go-- soon as Sammy gets back here with the two double-pepperoni meat blasters and a pineapple. (04:28)
Dean: Ancient Hebrew. What the hell? Sammy sounds stressed. (09:01)
Dean: Look, you try anything funny, Sammy's gonna shoot you. (26:23)
  • At 33:20 and 37:50, Dean checks on Sammy after Nick fatally wounds him.

14.19 Jack in the Box

  • At 31:30, Dean tells Jack that he and Sam missed him too.
Dean: Yeah. Us too. Right, Sammy? Tell Jack how, uh -- how we want to clear things up, you know, between us.
  • At 37:32, Dean reminds Sammy that they always knew hoping things wouldn't end badly with Jack was a long shot.
Dean: Sammy, we knew from the beginning it was a long shot with him.

Season 15

Dean calls or refers to his brother as “Sammy” 16 times in 11 episodes, not counting the vision in 15.01 Back and to the Future that is repeated in 15.04 Atomic Monsters.

15.04 Atomic Monsters

Vision!Dean: Sammy, listen to me. This is the demon blood. You have to fight it! (04:08)
Vision!Dean: Sammy, please. (04:28)
Dean: Sammy, how's it going back there? (28:06)

15.07 Last Call

Dean: Man, so I don't think I've seen you since Sammy was in college. (13:31)

15.08 Our Father, Who Aren't in Heaven

Dean: I'm happy for you, Sammy. (22:55)

15.10 The Heroes' Journey

  • Upon returning to the Bunker, Dean calls for Sammy twice at 05:04 and 05:08.
  • At 25:16, Dean is throwing up from lactose intolerance and calls for Sammy.

15.11 The Gamblers

Dean: He wants us off our game. He wants us weak, 'cause he's coming for us, Sammy. (04:50)
Dean: I don't know, Sammy. I'm a little rusty. (15:05)

15.13 Destiny's Child

HunterCorp!Dean: I gotta tell you Sammy, this Sam and Dean, you know, sure they're simple, but they've got this place of their own.

15.14 Last Holiday

  • At 03:48, Dean calls for Sammy upon finding Ms. Butters in his room.

15.16 Drag Me Away (From You)

Young!Dean: This, Sammy? This is our life.

15.18 Despair

  • At 19:14, Dean checks on Sammy after Eileen's death.

15.19 Inherit the Earth

  • At 09:14, Dean shows Sammy the newfound Miracle.

15.20 Carry On

  • At 39:55, Dean greets Sammy in Heaven.
Dean: Hiya, Sammy.

Deleted Scenes

2.03 Bloodlust

Dean: I'm enjoying my work, Sammy. You oughta try it sometime. (01:08)


  • Season 2 contains the most spoken Sammys per season (45), followed by Season 1 and Season 10 (tied at 30).
  • Season 11 and Season 14 are tied for the lowest number of spoken Sammys per season (11), after Season 6 and Season 7 (tied at 12).
  • 1.01 Pilot contains the most Sammys per episode (9), followed by 2.20 What Is and What Should Never Be and 10.03 Soul Survivor (both tied at 8).
  • Excluding deleted scenes and the vision from 15.01 Back and to the Future that is repeated in 15.04 Atomic Monsters, Dean says Sammy out loud a total of 327 times across 327 episodes—averaging to exactly one Sammy an episode.

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