Sam and Castiel Fitzgerald

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Name Sam and Castiel Fitzgerald
Actor Austin Brody (Sam)
William Brody (Castiel)
Dates 2019 (born)
Location Grantsburg, Wisconsin
Occupation Pureblood Werewolves
Episode(s) 15.10 The Heroes' Journey


Sam and Castiel Fitzgerald are the pureblood werewolf infant sons of Garth and Bess Fitzgerald. They were named after Sam Winchester and Castiel.


Baby Castiel feels uneasy.

15.10 The Heroes' Journey

Garth is feeding Sam and Castiel when Sam and Dean arrive. He introduces the Winchesters to the twins, telling Sam they named one after him. When Dean assumes the other is named for him, Garth cuts him off and tells him his name is Castiel.

After dealing with the monster fight club, Sam and Dean say goodbye to the Fitzgeralds. Holding the babies, Dean remarks that baby Cas is looking at him weird, which Sam replies is just like the real Castiel. Baby Castiel's eyes sudden change to wolf-like and he gives a growl to Dean, who passes him back off to Bess.