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Creation Entertainment held a "Salute to Supernatural" convention in Nashville at the Gaylord Opryland Resort June 4-5, 2011. The date was changed from April 29-May 1, 2011 to accommodate Jensen's schedule

Guests are:

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This is the list of main panels and events. Full schedule can be found here including times for private meet and greets, autographs and photo-ops.

Friday Night:

  • Steve Carlson Concert and Karaoke party


  • 10.15 am Jared and Jensen breakfast session
  • 2.30pm Jared and Jensen Q&A
  • 5.40pm Richard Speight and Matt Cohen
  • 6.30pm Jensen and Steve Carlson Jam Session
  • 7.50pm Brian Buckley Band
  • Cocktail Party


  • 11.05am Guy Norman Bee
  • 11.50am Richard Speight, Brock Kelly, Chad Lindberg
  • 2pm Corin Nemec
  • 3.50pm Misha
  • 6.15pm Jason Manns Concert

Twitters to watch

Twitter tag for the Con is #nashcon. To follow without retweets you can search on #nashcon -rt. Alternatively follow the #nashcon stream on Tweetchat where you can block reweets, and individual users.

Guests with twitters include: @mishacollins, @mattcohen4real, @dicksp8jr, @chadlindberg, @steviecarlson, @guynormanbee, @brockvkelly, @jasonmanns, @followBBB (Brian Buckley band).

Jared joined twitter during the Con at @jarpad. For more info see Jared on Twitter


There were three presentations made by fans at the Con. One was the Jared Appreciation Award. The other was a scrapbook made by Supernatural Seriously Awesome, of fans around the world with copies of the TV Guide with Supernatural on the cover. Video of the presentation. The third was to Misha - the Letters to Cas book - a compilation of letters fans had written to Castiel.

Before the Con, a poster on Tumblr had been asking fans to disrupt Misha's panel and appearances - the so-called 'Operation: Kill God'. This resulted in increased security for Misha, but there were no incidents.





Matt Cohen


J2 Breakfast

J2 Panel

Brian Buckley Band