Salute to Supernatural Las Vegas 2020

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Creation Entertainment will hold a 4 day "Salute to Supernatural" convention in Las Vegas on 5-8 March 2020 at the Rio Suite Hotel and Casino.

Note: the date for this Convention has shifted twice. It was originally set for 6-9 February, and then moved to 20-23 February 2020. In September 2019, Creation advised that due to "an unforeseen scheduling conflict with one of our headliners" the date was moving to March.

For information on other conventions, check Convention Category and the Convention Calendar.

The Twitter tag for this convention is #SPNVEGAS

Confirmed Guests

Additional Events

  • Kim & Briana's PJ Party
  • Dinner with David Haydn-Jones
  • Ruth's Witching Hour
  • Dick Chat with Richard Speight, Jr.
  • Jewelry Making with Jodi
  • Mann's Cave with Jason Manns
  • Game Night with Pie with Gil McKinney and Osric Chau



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Karaoke and Concerts