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SPN Survivors

In October of 2013, a young Supernatural fan was "brave enough to start a conversation that matters" when she asked the last question of Jared and Jensen's panel at ChiCon. She asked if Sam and Dean would ever give up on life. Would they ever feel so overwhelmed to consider suicide? That moment forever changed my life (SPNsurvivors Open Letter) and started me on the path to create SPN Survivors.

SPN Survivors is three things

My goal is to create the best website I can filled with information, support, encouragement and the tools necessary to be active in your recovery from the life changing crisis you have come face-to-face with and survived. We all have struggles but we do not need to fight these battles alone. We are SPN Family and I believe one of the best ways to help ourselves move forward is to reach out and help others!

So let's rally the SPN Family together and support one another by
Helping People ~ Saving Lives ~ The Family Business!!

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