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Heavy Meta Supernatural is a Livejournal community for the discussion of the CW show Supernatural. It contains weekly updates on the show, plus meta discussions of what the canon means for the characters. (Inactive since 2016)[1]

Heavy Meta Bible Entries[2]

  • Bible Entries: Each episode will have a bible entry which details the production information, minute details of the episode, music used in the episode, and information about the urban legends they cover. If you'd like to do a bible entry, please go to the Heavy Meta Adoption Grid and comment with the bible entry you'd like to do. For the first season, each member is allowed to adopt two bible entries until such time as all episodes are covered. The html text for the bible entry template is here, and bible entries should be posted on the due date listed in the grid. The schedule is one episode every Tuesday throughout the summer, which should bring us up to the premiere of season two pretty nicely.
  • Official Heavy Metas: Each episode has three official heavy metas*: one for Dean, one for Sam, and one for Papa (even when he doesn't appear in the episode). Again, each member is given an allowance of two Heavy Metas until the season's quota is filled. Metas should restrict themselves to the episode and may include details from any episode that came before it--no bringing up "Devil's Trap" in a Dean meta for "Faith," for instance, though bringing up "Skin" or the pilot is acceptable.
  • Other metas from the peanut gallery: Just because a Heavy Meta has been claimed, that doesn't mean you can't meta on an episode if it so moves you. In fact, that's completely encouraged and loved. Meta away!
  • A meta is here defined as a discussion of a character's motivations and emotional state, as well as speculation on where those motivations and emotions might take him in later episodes.

Season One Meta Index

Front Matter

1.01 Pilot

1.02 Wendigo

1.03 Dead in the Water

1.04 Phantom Traveler

1.05 Bloody Mary

1.06 Skin

1.07 Hook Man

1.08 Bugs

1.09 Home

1.10 Asylum

1.11 Scarecrow

1.12 Faith

1.13 Route 666

1.14 Nightmare

1.15 The Benders

1.16 Shadow

1.17 Hell House

1.18 Something Wicked

1.19 Provenance

1.20 Dead Man's Blood

1.21 Salvation

1.22 Devil's Trap

Season Two Speculation

Season Two Meta Index

2.01 In My Time of Dying

2.02 Everybody Loves a Clown

2.03 Bloodlust

2.04 Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things

2.05 Simon Said

2.06 No Exit

2.07 The Usual Suspects

2.08 Crossroad Blues

2.09 Croatoan

2.10 Hunted

2.11 Playthings

2.12 Nightshifter

2.13 Houses of the Holy

2.14 Born Under a Bad Sign

2.15 Tall Tales

2.16 Roadkill

2.17 Heart

2.18 Hollywood Babylon

2.19 Folsom Prison Blues

2.20 What Is and What Should Never Be

2.21 All Hell Breaks Loose: Part One

Season Three Meta Index

3.01 The Magnificent Seven

3.04 Sin City


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