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What is it?

SPN Harlequin is a challenge created in May, 2007 by keepaofthecheez and estrella30, another project to get over the dull and long summer hiatus of 2007.

The definition in estrella's own words:

  • "A Harlequin Challenge, as you probably have guessed, is a challenge where all the fics written for it will be based on a schmoopy Harlequin romance book. (The Marriage Bed! Family Secrets! The Matchmaker!) You will write your SPN or SPN RPS fic based on these schmoopy, romancy, cliche kind of ideas, and everyone in fandom will then EXPLODE with glee." (Source)

Claiming of the over 70 prompts started on May, 29th. The challenge was so successful, that prompts were claimed in a couple of hours, and a second round was announced and iniated.

The masterlist of prompts can be found here.