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Ruthin bad boys.jpg
Name Ruth
Actor Karin Konoval
Dates  ???? – 2013 (killed by Timmy's Mother)
Location Hurleyville, New York
Occupation Housekeeper
Episode(s) 9.07 Bad Boys


Ruth was the housekeeper at Sonny's Home for Boys. She was nicknamed "the Warden" because she was known to be a "real Bible-thumping hard-ass."


9.07 Bad Boys

When Sam and Dean get a call from Sonny regarding strange things happening at his boys' home, they arrive in Hurleyville, New York and are greeted by Ruth, who retrieves Sonny for them.

While Sam is doing a walk through of the house, he walks in on Ruth who is praying and tells him she knows why him and Dean are really there, because of the ghost that haunts the farm. She tells him the story of the former owners, and the murder that happened on the farm in the past, and her belief that it was the former owner Howard Wasserlauf's ghost that killed her co-worker Jack in revenge for a perceived affair he had with his wife that lead to him murdering her.

Later, while taking a bath, Ruth is attacked by the ghost and suffocated with the shower curtain in the bath tub. It would later be revealed that the ghost was the deceased mother of Timmy Conroy who had been protecting her son by killing anyone she saw as threatening to him.


  • Karin Konoval who plays Ruth previously played Mrs. Curry the housekeeper in 4.11 Family Remains. She also famously played the mother of the incestuous Peacock family in The X-Files episode "Home,"