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Russ - pic tweeted by Guy Bee July 2011
The MovieGod's Office - pic tweeted by Tara Larsen Jan 2012

Because of the nature have Supernatural, we always have something different and unique to look for. It makes us have to up our game even more to find that really cool stuff that's put there. At that point you start thinking "What else can we turn into a spooky house? What else can we turn into a spooky factory?"...There isn't a motel within a hundred miles we don't know about...It's challenging work and Supernatural is the hardest show I've worked on. But it's also the funnest show.

– Russ, Supernatural: The Official Companion Season 3

Russ Hamilton is the location manager on Supernatural. Also the inventor of Shower Twitter (TM)

Some of the sculptures from 7.04 Defending Your Life found their way to Russ' house for Halloween

Russ in Fandom


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