Rowena's Apartment

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Rowena's loft is located at 'The Aradia Apartments' building. It's situated at least a few hours from the Men of Letters Bunker. It appears to have been first inhabited by Rowena following her second resurrection. At some point before her death, Rowena placed a very powerful and potent hex on the apartment, causing anyone who steps inside to die. The spell seems to have had exceptions built in for Sam and Dean Winchester.

While the main part of her apartment was filled with various self-help books and a few magic paraphernalia, Rowena kept all her treasured spells, ingredients, and journals locked away in a hidden room behind a bookshelf.

Rowena's portrait.
Sam and Eileen find Rowena's stash.


14.18 Absence

15.06 Golden Time

15.09 The Trap

When God reveals that he led Sam to the resurrection spell, a flashback to Sam finding it in the apartment is shown.