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Name Rose "Rosie" Holt
Dates 2006
Power Unknown
Nursery fire Yes (No deaths)
Episodes 1.21 Salvation

She never cries. She just stares at everybody. Sometimes she looks at you and I swear it’s – it’s like she’s reading your mind.

Monica Holt, 1.21 Salvation


Rose Holt, or "Rosie," is the infant daughter of Monica Holt and Charlie Holt.


1.21 Salvation

The Yellow-Eyed Demon comes to her nursery on her 6 month birthday, as with the previous Special Children. Her mother enters the nursery and is attacked, but is saved by Sam and Dean, however the nursery is set on fire, which burns down the house.

Whether or not the Yellow-Eyed Demon infected Rose is unknown, as are Rose's possible psychic abilities if he did, though she's unlikely to display psychic powers at age 22 after Azazel's death in 2007 as Sam's powers went dormant after the fact.