Ronnie Cartwright

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Name Ronnie Cartwright
Actor Russell Porter
Dates  ???? - 2015 (killed by Tamiel)
Location Tulsa, Oklahoma
Episode(s) 10.20 Angel Heart


Ronnie Cartwright was a blind man who was healed by the Grigori angel Tamiel aka Peter Holloway. In return for giving him his eyesight back, Tamiel had Ronnie work for him recruiting candidates to heal and feed on.


10.20 Angel Heart

Going off of information in her mother's journal, Claire Novak ends up in Tulsa, Oklahoma looking for Ronnie Cartwright, who was the last person to see Amelia Novak before she disappeared. When Claire approaches Ronnie asking him if he has seen Amelia, feigns ignorance and tells Claire to "piss off." When Claire continues to pursue Ronnie outside the bar, he lets it slip that he knows Amelia's last name, despite Claire never mentioning it. In a panic, Ronnie shoves Claire into a dumpster and unintentionally knocks her out. Panicked, he calls 911 to report finding a passed out girl in an alley, before fleeing.

While helping Claire, Dean and Castiel find Ronnie once again at Susie's Bar. Dean skips talking and goes right to banging Ronnie's head onto the table until he gives up the name of the faith healer Amelia was looking for, after he gives them Peter Holloway's name, Ronnie places a call to him to warn him about Dean and Castiel. While waiting for Tamiel to call him back, he is surprised by his sudden appearance behind him, and apologizes. As punishment for talking to hunters, Tamiel removes Ronnie's eyesight before impaling him from behind with his angel sword.