Robin (Bad Boys)

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Name Robin
Actor Erin Karpluk
Sarah Desjardins (Young Robin)
Location Hurleyville, New York
Occupation Owner of Cus's Place
Episode(s) 9.07 Bad Boys


Robin is a waitress and owner of Cus's Place in Hurleyville, New York. She also briefly dated Dean Winchester, when he was left in the care of Sonny for two months in 1995.


A young Robin with Dean.

9.07 Bad Boys

Dean first meets Robin in 1995 when Sonny takes him to Cus's Place, where Robin worked as a waitress. Some time passes, and Robin and Dean appear to become friends. One day while at Sonny's, Robin is playing the guitar next to Dean and they strike up a conversation about Dean's life, and what they wish to do when they grow up; for which Robin reveals that she wants to be a photographer and see the world. After Dean tells her he wants to be either a rock star or a mechanic she catches him off guard with a kiss. They soon become a couple, with Dean saying he will take her to the homecoming dance, but on the night of the dance John unexpectedly shows up with Sam to pick up Dean from Sonny's and Dean has to reluctantly break the date with Robin.

After believing that the case at Sonny's has been solved, Dean takes Sam to Cus's Place for some banana pancakes. Robin comes over to the table to take their orders, and once Dean realizes she is the same Robin he dated he asks if she remembers him, to which she replied that she does not. Dejected, Dean leaves soon after their encounter when Robin is called away. Robin later arrives at Sonny's to give a guitar lesson to Timmy Conroy, when she runs into Dean once again who is looking for Timmy. Dean is telling Robin she needs to leave the house, when Timmy arrives and tells them he can't stop it. Dean grabs Robin by the arm and pushes her to another room as vases are flying in the air crashing against walls.

Sam soon arrives, and makes a ring of salt and places Robin and Timmy inside of it, as Dean tries to destroy the toy they believe is anchoring Timmy's Mother. Robin then steps out of the remnants of the circle, and runs out of the kitchen toward the front of the house, with Dean giving chase. As Robin turns to leave she is face to face with the ghost of Timmy's mother who has suddenly appeared and telekinetically flings Dean into the wall, and attempts to kill him, when Timmy arrives and tells his mother she can move on.

Afterwards, Robin and Dean say their goodbyes, with Robin leaving him with a kiss on the cheek, and along with Timmy waves the Winchesters goodbye.