Rising Con Argentina 2011

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KLZ Events was an idea appeared in 2008 by four passionate people of the big and the small screen who wanted to enter the world of event creation and improve them based on their personal experience in previous events they had attended. Our goal is to set up international events in Spanish territory for people with the same interests, bringing cinema and television closer to the audiences in different public events. In KLZ Events, that now is a company, we want to promote television shows or movies that are interesting for the fans and give them the opportunity to meet the actors of their favourite show or movie.

They are producing Rising Con Spain 2010 and will produce Supernatural Conventions in both São Paulo, Brazil and Rio, Argentina in 2011. The date for the Aregentinian Con is 4-5 June 2011.

Update: October 2010: The Argentinian Con has been cancelled. Rising Con Brazil 2011 is still taking place on 27 and May 28, 2011