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Name Risa
Actor Lexa Doig
Dates  ???? – August 2014 (killed by Lucifer)
Location Alternate future
Occupation Lieutenant
Episode(s) 5.04 The End


Risa is one of Future!Dean's lieutenant's at Camp Chitaqua. Future!Dean also has some sort of intimate relationship with her having told her they have a "connection." Risa gets pissed at Future Dean when she discovers this does not preclude him spending the previous night in Jane's cabin.


5.04 The End

Risa tries to punch Dean, thinking he's Future Dean, who spent last night with Jane. Later, when Future Dean explains the plan to kill Lucifer, she is less than thrilled. Dean explains what she told him, and Future Dean tells him to shut up while he continues explaining the plan. She is among the group of hunters who head off to find Lucifer at a quarantined zone infested with Croatoans. Risa is presumably killed during the attack on Lucifer.