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Name Rio
Actor Jackie Debatin
Occupation Wrestling promoter
Episode(s) 11.15 Beyond the Mat


Rio was once the valet for Superbomb Sanchez in Top Notch Wrestling. She has since gone on be the annoucer, booker and promoter for Top Notch.


11.15 Beyond the Mat

At the funeral for Larry "The Hangman" Lee, Sam runs into Rio and admits to her she was his first "crush." She questions him if he was one of "those" people that had her poster hanging over his bed, and embarrassed Sam quickly changes the subject. While talking, she tells Sam the the Hangman's death was a suicide, but out of respect for his family had that part left out of the papers and excuses herself to meet with the other mourners. Later that night after the death at the memorial show, Rio catches Dean goofing around in the ring. She tells him how the promotion must be cursed, as there have been deaths at every stop on the current tour, when Dean wants to question the wrestlers, Rio points him to the nearest where she will also be at.

At the bar after Gunner Lawless and Shawn Harley get in an altercation, Rio breaks them up before things escalate. Shawn accuses Gunner of taking drugs. And before things can get worse, orders Shawn back to his motel to "sleep it off" and tells Gunner she will talk about the drug accusations in the morning.