Rick Sanchez

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Name Rick Sanchez
Actor Stephen Lobo
Dates  ???? - 2017 (killed by Mr. Ketch)
Location Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado (Site 94)
Occupation Secret Service Agent
Episode(s) 12.08 LOTUS
12.09 First Blood


Rick Sanchez is the head of the president's Secret Service detail, as well as an atheist.


12.08 LOTUS

Lucifer (as President Jefferson Rooney) calls in Agent Sanchez to meet with him, telling Sanchez that the Winchesters plan on assassinating him because they think that "he" is literally Satan. Questioning why he wasn't briefed, he tells the president they will keep under the radar, but Lucifer convinces Sanchez to eliminate the threat. When Sanchez tells him he will begin the approval process, Lucifer tells him he wants it to be done by Secret Service and for Sanchez to head it up, which he agrees to.

When Sam and Dean are spotted by local law enforcement in Indiana, Rick and his men make their move. A black SUV comes up behind the Impala with siren blaring and lights flashing and pulls in front of the Impala. Dean pulls over and exits the Impala as Rick and two other men exit the SUV. Dean attempts to deal with the situation by flashing an FBI badge, but Sanchez knows who they are. Sanchez pulls a gun out of his waist band. Dean grabs his arm and punches him in the face. The other two men approach Sam and they begin fighting as Dean and Rick are struggling over the gun. Rick gets the gun from Dean and steps away, pointing it at Dean, prompting Sam to let one of the other men go from a headlock. Sam and Dean stand with their hands raised. Castiel walks out from behind the Impala and Rick points his gun at him and tells him to stop.

As they are standing there, the men turn to watch a black vehicle approach the group. When it stops, Arthur Ketch exits the vehicle with a grenade launcher in hand and fires it at the SUV. All the men duck for cover except Castiel, who just stands there looking quizzical as the SUV explodes into flames. Rick starts to get up and Ketch kicks him in the face and tells Castiel to wipe their minds.

After Lucifer is expelled from the body of President Rooney, a heavy duty armored vehicle pulls into the motel parking lot. Sam and Dean are taken out of the motel room in handcuffs. Rick looks on while they are loaded into the armored car and driven off.

12.09 First Blood