Renny Rawlings

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Name Renny Rawlings
Actor Darren Adams
Dates  ???? - 2017 (killed by Eileen Leahy)
Occupation British Man of Letters
Episode(s) 12.17 The British Invasion


Renny Rawlings was an assistant to Dr. Hess and a member of the British Men of Letters. Renny also graduated top of his class at Kendricks Academy, something he would tell anyone he came across, regardless of their interest in the fact.


12.17 The British Invasion

After getting off the phone with Mick Davies, a dissatisfied Dr. Hess sends Renny to America to oversee the British Men of Letters U.S. expansion. Upon arriving at the British Men of Letters compound, Renny prepares himself some tea while he waits for Mick's arrival. As Mick sits down at his desk he hears a door open; drawing his gun he finds Renny standing on the second floor. He introduces himself to Mick, telling him Dr. Hess sent him to help.

The next day Sam contacts Mick to meet him and Eileen Leahy at a junkyard with the Colt. When Renny and Mick arrive, Renny introduces himself, telling Sam and Eileen he has read files on both of them as well as telling them he was top of his class, much to their disinterest. With the plan in place to get Kelly Kline away from Dagon, they wait until night falls and Dean finally arrives to the junkyard with Kelly. While Mick and Renny argue with the Winchesters about what to do with Kelly and her Nephilim child, Dagon arrives and sends everyone flying with a motion. As she grabs hold of Kelly and begins walking away, Renny draws his weapon on the Prince of Hell and Eileen fires the Colt. Just before the bullet reaches her, Dagon teleports away, causing Renny to get shot in the chest, killing him. Mick tries to uphold the Code by killing Eileen, but he lets them leave after Sam persuades him to spare her and to do what he thinks is right.

Later, Dr. Hess taunts Mick about letting Eileen go after she killed Rawlings and decides to have Mick track her down and kill her in accordance with the Code, but Mick takes a stand, refusing to let her kill Eileen knowing that Renny's death was accidental. He is later killed by Mr. Ketch for his troubles.