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An RPG is a Role Playing Game.

The term role playing refers to more than one person taking on the role of a character within, in this case, the universe of Supernatural, and writing together to make a work in close relation to fanfiction. In most cases a GM, Game Master, will present a general idea that would be considered a case and each writer will write about, in turns, their character's thoughts, emotions, actions and reactions as they go through the steps of that case/story. The game includes the Winchester brothers and known characters seen on the television shows but there are also those that are created by the writer.

There are a few types of role playing; table-top, IRC/Chat, play-by-email using Yahoo, Google Groups, Invision or similar board/groups and LARP.

In the form most often associated with fandom gameplayers take on either canonical or original characters and interact through text based exchanges. Many RPGs are multifandom, bringing together characters from different TV shows, movies, books or comics.

The major repository for Supernatural Role Playing is on Livejournal Communities, Google/Yahoo Groups and Invision/Like boards.

In 2007, the official Supernatural RPG game was released. It was developed by Jamie Chambers.[1]

The first live game was held at the Gen Con 2007 in Indianapolis, Indiana.[2]

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