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Powers and Abilities Shapshifting
Vulnerabilities Stabbing its heart
Appearance Human
Episode(s) 11.13 Love Hurts

Here we go. Uh, someone chants the curse and lays a wet one on you. Then the victim is seduced and killed by the qareen. But instead of taking the form of Barbara Eden, they present themselves as your deepest, darkest desire.

Sam Winchester, 11.13 Love Hurts


A qareen's black heart being destroyed.

The qareen a are a type of creature, similar to a genie, that can be controlled to do the bidding of a master, who is in possession of their heart. Qareens are corporeal in form and shapeshifters that will take on the form of a person's deepest, darkest desire to seduce and then kill the victim. The only way to kill a qareen is by stabbing it in its heart.

Powers and abilities

  • Invulnerability and durability – While a qareen can be stunned temporarily, attacks with conventional weapons do no harm. A qareen will pursue it's victim until it can fulfill the curse.
  • Mind reading – A qareen can read a person's mind to find out who they desire, as well detect the feelings of love or shame a person has.
  • Shapeshifting – A qareen is able to take the shape of their intended victim's deepest, darkest desire.
  • Super strength – A qareen is strong enough to punch through a human chest cavity to remove the heart.


  • Black heart – As a qareen's heart is held by it's master in a box, stabbing it will instantly kill the qareen.
  • Passing the curse – Transferring the curse to another person via a kiss will cause the qareen to move on, however if the qareen kills the latest victim it will work it's way back down until it reaches the original holder of the curse.
  • Retinal flare – A qareen can be identified by retinal flares it gives off if captured on video.


11.13 Love Hurts

When Melissa Harper is given a curse, that she thought to be a "return to love" spell, she places it on her husband Dan. Dan in turn passes the curse on to their babysitter, Staci Altman, whom he was having an affair with. While Dan and Melissa are out to dinner, a qareen in the form of Dan enters the house and rips out Staci's heart. The next night the qareen visits Dan in the form of Staci, a horrified Dan attempts to escape it, but is backed into a cubicle where the qareen rips his heart out.

The qareen's final moments.

Later that night, the qareen pays a visit to Melissa as her dead husband, Melissa is able to escape it, fleeing to Sam and Dean's motel. There she confesses that she had performed a "return to love" spell given to her by her hairdresser, Sonja, who claimed to be a white witch. Sam translates the spell, discovering that it is actually an Aramaic curse, that is called the "kiss of death." As the trio are discussing their options, the qareen smashes through the back sliding door of the motel room, Sam attempts to stop it, but is knocked out of the way. Dean fires two silver bullets into its chest, which has no effect on the qareen. Out of options, Dean kisses Melissa, transferring the curse on to himself, causing the qareen to shift focus to him. Before it could approach Dean, Sam is able to knock it down with a chair, allowing them enough time to escape.

The trio head to Sonja's salon, where Sam and Dean discover they are dealing with a qareen and can only kill it by locating and stabbing it's heart. Sam and Dean soon split up; as Sam looks upstairs, Dean searches the basement. While in the basement, Dean is confronted by his darkest desire -- Amara. The qareen as Amara tells Dean it knows the longing he has in his heart and can feel the love that he feels for Amara, though cloaked in shame. The qareen urges Dean to just give in to it, he rejects the qareen and as the two fight, Sam locates the qareen's heart. Before he is able to stab it, he is stopped by Sonja, who is about to kill him when she is distracted by Melissa, allowing Sam enough time to grab his gun and kill her and allowing him to stab the qareen's black heart. In the basement, just as the qareen is about to rip Dean's heart out, it stops short and screams in agony as it's disintegrates into a white light emanating from a hole where its heart should be.

Qareen in Lore

In Islam, a qareen, or qarin, is a type of jinn. They are seen as a "constant companion" that will try and push a person into disobeying Allah. It is also believed that the qareen is just as capable of being influenced by their human counterpart and can be set on the path of Islam.