Professor Morrison

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Name Professor Morrison
Actor Harry Groener
Location Seattle, Washington (formerly)
Papua New Guinea (currently)
Occupation Professor of Anthropology
Episode(s) 7.13 The Slice Girls
8.03 Heartache


Professor Morrison is an anthropology professor in Seattle.


7.13 The Slice Girls

Sam and Dean visit Professor Morrison in the Anthropology Department or a local college in Seattle, Washington. They ask him regarding the meaning of the symbol carved into all four victims' chests. Professor Morrison tells them that it will take him time to research it. They convince him to hurry by promising to get his housekeeper a green card, and Dean expresses his displeasure to Sam as they leave. Sam tells him that they don't have any other options: Bobby is dead and they have to settle for what help they can get.

Professor Morrison later calls Sam and Dean in to explain that the symbol carved on the victims' chests is a variation of a Greek symbol found on the temple of the Goddess Harmonia. According to myth, the offspring of Harmonia and Ares were the Amazons, a tribe of female warriors that had no need for men except for procreation. After being impregnated, they would amputate parts of their lovers and then kill them.

8.03 Heartache

Sam sends the professor a recording of Arthur Swenson chanting "K'uhul ajaw, Cacao, shi-jiiy -- K'uhul ajaw, Cacao, shi-jiiy." He determines that the language is ancient Mayan and it translates as "The Divine god Cacao is born." Morrison also asks Sam whether he (i.e. Sam's alias as an FBI agent) is looking into getting him a job as a technical adviser.

9.06 Heaven Can't Wait

While Sam and Kevin are trying to translate the Elamite that Kevin has translated the angel tablet into, Dean asks if they have consulted Professor Morrison. Sam informs Dean that the professor is taking a sabbatical to study the Trobrianders of Papua New Guinea.