Professor Ludensky

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Name Professor Ludensky
Actor David Lewis
Dates  ???? – 2012 (killed by Dean Winchester)
Location Washtenaw County, Michigan (formerly)
Occupation Werewolf
English professor
Episode(s) 8.04 Bitten


Professor Ludensky was a teacher at the college Michael Wheeler, Brian Wilcox and Kate went to, and was also secretly a pure-blood werewolf. Cursed to be a werewolf, as a pure-blood, he was able to control his monstrous nature and lived off animal hearts. However, in 1999, he killed a person and ate their heart. This slip up led to more difficulty in controlling his lycanthropic urges.


8.04 Bitten

Ludensky manages to control his beastly nature, and keep himself hidden until 2012, where he again loses control and kills another person, attracting Sam and Dean to him.

Several nights later, while out in the woods hunting, he runs into Michael Wheeler and attacks him, but manages to regain control at the last minute and leaves him, realizing he has already passed the curse onto him and can blame him as a scapegoat. In another attack, where he kills another person for their heart, he accidentally drops his ring which allows Michael's roommate Brian to track him down.

Confronting him, Brian tells him he knows what he is. Threatening him with a silver knife, he makes Ludensky bite him, thus also turning him into a werewolf. Brian then tips off Sam and Dean to him, who then confront him. A fight breaks out and, although Ludensky manages to get the upper hand, Dean shoots him with a silver bullet. With his last words, Ludensky thanks the hunters for freeing him of the curse.