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Production badges belonging to Kevin Parks November 2018
Production badges on the jacket of Assistant Director Gabe Correa

Each year, pins are made for the crew of Supernatural. The pins are designed by Phil Sgriccia according to a tweet by co-executive producer Jim Michaels. An anonymous cast member said of the pins when selling them to a fan, "Phil Sgricca, who was our executive producer and would design them for us, often asking us for our VFX elements for them, would come around and hand them out. He saw my collection above my desk (I started mid way through season 5 around the 100th episode) and told me the story that he had all the early ones in a frame in his desk in his office on the Warner Bros lot in LA, and one day someone walked in and stole them and how sad he was about it. [...] You may also notice the season 15 one isn’t as high quality as the others because he left that season to go work on Eric Kripke’s The Boys. But he still sent us one. Because Phil was awesome."

Here they are, pictured by season:

Season 15

Spn s15 pin.jpg

Season 14

Season 14 pin.jpg

Posted by Exec Producer Jim Michaels

Season 13

SN13 pin.jpg

from Shaving People Punting Things video teaser for Season 13.

Season 12

Season12 pin.jpg

Posted by post-PA Mary Manchin on her twitter.

Season 11

Spn season11 pin.jpg

Season 10

Spn season10 pin.jpg

Including the 200th episode pin, Tweet by Jason Fischer. "stamus contra malam" translates to "we stand against evil".

Season 9

Adam glass pins.jpg

Season 9 pin second from the right, seasons 6 - 8 on the left, 200th episode pin on the far right. Posted by Adam Glass on his twitter account here.

Season 8

Spn season8 pin.jpg

Season 7

Spn season7 pin.jpg

Seasons 1 - 6

Spn seasons1-5 pin.jpg

Including the 100th episode pin on the left, a 'kick it in the ass' pin between seasons 1 and 2, and season 6's pin on the far right.