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Flyer made by deathisyourart

At the start of November, the Writer's Guild of America (WGA) send out a press release, claiming to go on strike on November, 5th if the writer's shares of DVD and home-vid residuals aren't raised.

On November, 5th, hancoll of Supernatural Underground contacted writer Sera Gamble about the strike.[1] Sera claimed she can't speak for the Supernatural crew, but that she's glad the fans of Supernatural are supportive.

The following day, fans donated money to send a fruit basket to the picket lines[2], following an example of Firefly's Browncoats.[3].

November 8th, November 9th: spadada and devidarkwolf meet Sera Gamble, Ben Edlund, Jeremy Carver, Cathryn Humphris and Eric Kripke at the rally. Eric tells them how they have shot episode 11, and have another script ready for episode 12, but after that, they run out of scripts to shoot. (Report found here and here). Meanwhile, spn_postcards has started a postcard campaign, to let the writers and cast&crew know, that they support the strike.

November, 17th: Hollywood United runs with the idea of several fan sites and blogs and starts Pencils2MediaMoguls where fans can buy boxes of pencils in a support to the WGA Strike.

mid-April 2008: hancoll writes an end-report on the Write No Evil/Feed the Writers campagin.

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