Pierce Moncrieff

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Name Pierce Moncrieff
Actor Aaron Douglas
Location London, England
Occupation Hunter
Episode(s) 12.14 The Raid


Pierce Moncrieff is the self-described "Hunter King of Baton Rouge," having worked a case with Rufus Turner in the Atchafalaya region of Louisiana. At some point in time Pierce became an agent of the Alpha Vampire, keeping him under the radar in exchange for hefty payment which he uses to pay his alimony. In 2017, Pierce was recruited by the British Men of Letters for their U.S. expansion, joining up with them to gain intel for the Alpha Vampire after the British Men of Letters began phase one of Project V -- the extermination of all vampires in the Midwest region of the United States.


12.14 The Raid

After being briefed on the final phase of Project V by the British Men of Letters, Pierce reminisces with Sam about having worked with Rufus in the past, before being pulled away with Mary by Alton Morehead. Sam tells Mick about how he calls himself the "Hunter King of Baton Rouge" and Mick tells him that he calls him that.

When the vampires begin their attack on the British Men of Letters Mobile Command, Pierce volunteers to have to have Sam and Mary's back as they venture out to the armory to retrieve the AVD. A group of vampires try to rush in – with Sam holding them off, blocking the door, Pierce and Mary head for the armory. When they arrive, Mary is knocked out from behind by Pierce, who proceeds to crush the AVD, before returning to the briefing room in a panic, screaming to be let in. When Alton opens the door, he is soon killed by the Alpha Vampire alongside Serena Colman. Revealing that Pierce has been under the employee of the Alpha Vampire for years. When Mary and Sam get to the briefing room, Mary swiftly knocks Pierce out while Sam has a stand-off with the Alpha Vampire, whom he kills with the Colt.

In the aftermath, a shackled Pierce is lead away into a vehicle by Mr. Ketch. When Sam questions where they are taking him, Ketch tells him the British Men of Letters have ways of dealing with rogue hunters, of which are incredibly unpleasant. Sam and Mary seem pleased with the arrangement.