Petey Giraldi

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Name Petey Giraldi
Actor Grant Harvey
Dates  ???? - November 25, 1943 (killed by the Hand of God)
Occupation Sailor
Episode(s) 11.14 The Vessel


Petey Giraldi was a sailor on the USS Bluefin during World War II.


11.14 The Vessel

Petey is griping to a fellow sailor about how he enlisted to sink German ships and not go in the other direction on a secret missions for "some broad." The crewman tells Petey not to worry and get some rest. Unbeknownst to Petey, Dean has been hiding under a bunk and as Petey is reading Dean tosses a quarter out. Petey picks it up and is confused to see that it is from 1996. Dean then quickly jumps Petey and puts him in a headlock, asking him where he can find Delphine. Dean then takes Petey's clothes and hogties him in the bathroom as he goes to find Delphine.

Just as soon as Dean finds Delphine, Petey is found and along with the galley cook, Harris, race to the war room and alert the Captain Deerborn of what had happened. Dean explains he is on a mission from the future, to the disbelief of Captain Deerborn, who orders Petey to keep watch on Dean till the ship hits shore. As Dean and Delphine talk about his mission, Petey attempts to test Dean asking him about future events (who wins the 1944 World Series and the next President of the US), trying to get a handle on his story that the sub is going to sink. While Delphine goes to clear the warding sigils on the submarine, Petey asks Dean if the Allies will win the war since he has other family members in other branches of the military and wants to know what their chances are. Dean tells him 1945, and asks if he believes him, which Petey simply replies that he "reads a lot of Flash Gordon."

As the sub is being pursued by a German destroyer, Delphine returns and tells Dean he needs to kill her to get rid of the final sigil. As Petey looks on, the sub is hit with a depth charge before Dean goes through with it. The three then get called to the operations room, where Delphine decides to use the Hand of God to destroy the German ship, killing herself, Petey, the rest of the crew, and destroying any trace of the USS Bluefin in the process.