Peter Sweeney

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Lake Manitoc Peter Sweeney.png
Name Peter Sweeney
Actor Aaron Rota
Dates  ???? – 1970 (killed by Jake Devins and Bill Carlton)
2005 (spirit laid to rest when Sheriff Jake Devins sacrifices himself)
Location Lake Manitoc, Wisconsin
Occupation Vengeful Spirit
Episode(s) 1.03 Dead in the Water


Thirty-five years ago Peter Sweeney was bullied by two other young boys, Jake Devins and Bill Carlton. One day the two boys held his head under the water in Lake Manitoc, and he drowned.


Photo of Peter Sweeney (left) with Bill Carlton in 1970.

1.03 Dead in the Water

Possibly prompted by the the fact that the lake will soon be drained, Peter's spirit has started to take revenge by killing those close to Jake Devins and Bill Carlton, now grown men.

Christopher Barr, Sheriff Jake Devin's son-in-law, was killed and then Bill Carlton's children, Will and Sophie Carlton. All died by being drowned - all in the lake, except Will who was drowned in the kitchen sink. Peter's spirit also tried to drown Andrea Barr, Jake's daughter, in her bath. Sam and Dean unravel the mystery just as Peter has lured young Lucas Barr into the lake. When Jake offers his life in exchange, Dean is able to rescue Lucas and Peter's spirit is put to rest.

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