Park Bench Anthology

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Cover Art by seasaltpepper

The Park Bench Anthology is a Dean/Castiel fic anthology selected and designed to look like a book or literary journal. Can be printed like a booklet or viewed as single-page PDFs here.

Preview Cover.

The anthology was edited by elvisglasses5 with stories by oatmeal_queen, oselle , moodymuse19, strangeandcharm, someblazingstar, thevinegarworks, tracy_loo_who, elaeazeph, and darksilvercat. Cover art is by seasaltpepper.

A second anthology was published in June 2010. Stories are included by maskedfangirl, aesc, ibroketuesday, bauble, entangled_now, murron, misslucyjane, 22by7, devilyouwere, zelda_zee, invaderwitch, nanoochka, and trinityofone. Cover art by cugami. Anthology selected/designed by elvisglasses5.

Volume 3 of the anthology was published in December 2010 and can be found here. It features works by authors sansday, liadan14, prettify, thegrrrl2002, lexhibition, omphalos, bree_black, dessert_first, blualbino, takadainmate, annundriel, with cover art by slinkymilinky. The volume was selected/designed by elvisglasses5.

Downloads and more information available here.