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Pet name used by fans to refer to Jared Padalecki. from Luluminion on LJ, the origins of the term:

AH, the PADDYWHACK thing. WELL. smonsterbite and I didn't come up with the name, originally. deeablo did that, in this post here: It was a birthday post for ethrosdemon, where she had Tom Welling and Padalecki fighting over her, and Welling called Padalecki Paddywhack at one point, which struck me and smonsterbite as hilarious, and stuck with us, and so we began beating it into the ground in emails to each other at work, like we do. Somehow PADDYWHACK'S voice evolved into CAPS, and he became sort of a benevolent omnipotent being, who helped us with our daily problems.

So then smonsterbite posted this: and then a couple of weeks later, I posted a collection of our emails to each other here: and ethrosdemon linked to it, and PADDYWHACK was born. So really, it takes a village to make a PADDYWHACK.

(posts now locked but links kept for posterity)