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Quote by Osric Chau about cosplay from his intro video Salute to Supernatural Toronto 2014


Over the past couple of years, Osric Chau has become one of the most beloved members of fandom and an extremely popular convention guest. In part, this is due to his willingness to immerse himself in fandom itself, and in nowhere is this more apparent than in his adoption of cosplay at the Supernatural Conventions both in North America and overseas.

In December 2013, Osric took this creative relationship with fans a step further and invited fans to help him design his costumes for the coming 2014 convention schedule. The Thing! - Osric Chau on Youtube

In an effort to document his adventures in cosplay, in 2014 Osric started a Facebook album called "A Journey of Cosplay" that showcased fan photos from his various cosplays.

On the 2nd January, 2015 Osric updated his Facebook page to give a run down of the conventions he would be attending in 2015, as well as a general idea of what cosplays he would be attempting in order to let fans join him cosplaying.

In 2015, fan artist Bonejangless created a series of art available through her Redbubble store chronicling Osric's different cosplays. They are available as stickers, iPhone cases or skins, and spiral notebooks.

In late 2015, Osric announced at Salute to Supernatural Denver 2015 that unfortunately this year would probably be the last he would be doing as much cosplay at conventions, as it was taking up too much time and distracting him from trying to work!

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Convention Location Cosplay Cosplay Creator / Notes Picture
Asylum 10 2013 Birmingham, UK

The Incredible Hulk

Osric's own cosplay.

“I painted the room green that night. Rick, Ty and Matt got their fair share of it. And unable to scrub it off that night, the following day's photo ops had me sporting a green neck. I kinda liked the idea that it helped solidify A10 in my mind forever and if I ever saw a photo with green on my neck I would know exactly when and where it was taken.”

The Incredible Hulk Asylum 10 2013
Osric Chau as The Incredible Hulk
Salute to Supernatural Dallas 2013 Dallas, TX USA Princess Bubblegum ( Adventure Time ) Osric's own cosplay.

"I had my princess bubblegum outfit ready for SDCC 2013 but ended up working that week last minute. Thus I had a costume and no more con to wear it to. 'Oh but there's a Supernatural convention not too far after, I'll just wear it to that.'"

Princess Bubblegum, photo by sweetondean
Salute to Supernatural Chicago 2013 Chicago, IL USA Casplay

Osric's own cosplay.

“I took the casplay into the contest, but was disqualified and reappointed as a trophy.”

Osric's Casplay judged by Misha Collins
Misha Collins Judging Osric's Casplay
Salute to Supernatural Burbank 2013 Burbank, CA USA Rapunzel ( Tangled ) Osric's own cosplay.

“For Burcon my friend Jessie mentioned that she had a Rapunzel dress. I laughed it off saying I didn't want my agents and managers calling me again saying that ‘People come to these conventions to meet Osric Chau, not Osric Chau as Princess Bubblegum’ And then I decided, screw it, it'll be fun, I'll do it anyways. Kevin had a frying pan just like Rapunzel did, it's close enough to Supernatural.”

Osric as Rapunzel
Osric as Rapunzel, photo by Stardust and Melancholy
Salute to Supernatural Las Vegas 2014 Las Vegas, Nevada USA Kevin Freakin Solo 9.02 Devil May Care

Also: Random Acts Logo

Kevin Freakin Solo Costume by @GeniusMadness

"I handled Kevin's passing way worse than I had intended. But I had the SPN Family for support, and they in turn had a cosplaying fool that was just trying to forget that he had died in the show that he had grown to love. And so the year of the Cosplaying began."

Kevin Freakin Solo, photo by Chris Schmelke
Osric as Kevin Freakin Solo, photo by Stardust and Melancholy
Osric as the Random Acts Logo with Misha Collins photo by Stardust and Melancholy
Salute to Supernatural Washington DC 2014 Washington DC, USA Braveheart Dean 8.11 LARP and the Real Girl Costume by @isasherry

“This was an intricate costume that included leatherwork, chain mail, props and paint. My cosplayer for DC, Isa, had her work cut out for her! Once it was done I spent a good 45 minutes rehearsing the speech from Braveheart. Had to do it."

Braveheart Dean
Osric at the DC Meet and Greet as Braveheart Dean
Asylum 12 2014 Birmingham, UK Cecil (Welcome to Night Vale) Costume by Sophie
Osric as Cecil, Asylum 12 2014
Osric as Cecil, Welcome To Night Vale
Comic-Con 2014 San Diego, CA USA Journey (2012 Playstation 3 game)

Costume by House of Darkly

"SDCC 2014 is one I won't forget anytime soon. And large part of that is to my cosplayer who actually makes plushies and jewelry, helped me put together this amazing costume from "Journey" the game." Osric surprised Jeremy Carver, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins and Mark Sheppard during their panel in Hall H

Osric in his Journey Cosplay, SDCC 2014
Osric unveiled during the Supernatural Hall H Panel, SDCC 2014
Salute to Supernatural Vancouver 2014 Vancouver, BC 2014 Goku (Dragonball Z)

Costume by Ashley J Young

"Vancon was something else. It's the Mecca of Supernatural conventions as this is where the magic happens and it just so happens to be my hometown. My cosplayer for this one was a close friend of mine and when she suggested Goku, it was a done deal. This was something I've been wanting to do my entire life, so thank you Ashley! Ashley is a makeup artist in Vancouver and she also happens to put together some amazing costumes."

Osric as Goku, Vancon 2014
Osric on stage as Goku, Photo by Karen Cooke Photography
Salute to Supernatural New Jersey 2014 Whippany, NJ USA "Iron Tran"

Also "Jess"

Costume by Jolyn
Sketches for Iron Tran, costume by Jolyn
Iron Tran on stage, NJ Con 2014
Osric Chau as Iron Tran, NJ Con 2014
Osric as Jess, NJ Con 2014
Salute to Supernatural Dallas 2014 Dallas, TX USA Elopus (GISHWHES Mascot)

Osric as the Elopus hugs Rob Benedict, photo by @amyshaped
Salute to Supernatural Toronto 2014 Toronto, ONT Tuxedo Mask (Sailor Moon)

Also: Sailor Jupiter (Sailor Moon)

First time Osric commissioned Cosplay Photoshoots
Osric onstage as Tuxedo Mask, photo by ritabewithj2sdtl
Osric as Sailor Jupiter, photo by Fangasm
Tuxedo Mask Photoshoot by Aileen Estrada
Tuxedo Mask Photoshoot by Aileen Estrada
Sailor Jupiter Photoshoot by Aileen Estrada
Salute to Supernatural Chicago 2014 Chicago, IL USA Castiel Dress

Also: Nurse Joy (Pokemon)

Castiel Dress by Hot Topic

Nurse Joy Costume by mishacuddlins

Osric on stage in his Castiel dress, photo by Fangasm
Nurse Joy on stage with Lauren Tom as Pikachu
Nurse Joy, photos by Brooke Hall Photography
Salute to Supernatural Burbank 2014 Burbank, CA USA Carl Frederickson (UP) Makeup by devantheimpaler

Osric as Carl Frederickson, BurCon 2014
Carl Frederickson Photoshoot, photography by Stardust and Melancholy
Salute to Supernatural San Francisco 2015 San Francisco, CA USA Ariel (The Little Mermaid) Costume by @isasherry
Osric as Ariel, with Gil McKinney as Prince Eric SFCon 2015
Ariel Photoshoot, Stardust and Melancholy
Salute to Supernatural Phoenix 2015 Phoenix, AZ USA Gaara (Naruto)

Also: Mugatu (Zoolander)

Gaara Costume by @ContraKat
Osric as Gaara, photo by @chrisschmelke
Osric as Mugatu, photo via @LaurenTom9000
Salute to Supernatural Las Vegas 2015 Las Vegas, NV USA Loki (Marvel)

Also: Amy (Futurama)

Loki Costume by @maybemycutiemarkis and @isasherry
Loki Photoshoot, photography by Stardust and Melancholy
Osric as Amy, with @LaurenTom9000
Dutch Comic Con 2015 Utrecht, Netherlands Peter Pan (Disney)
Osric as Peter Pan, via @WouterKamphuiss
Peter Pan Photoshoot, Photography by Idskia Art
East European Comic Con 2015 Bucharest, Romania Ezio Auditore da Firenze (Assassin's Creed)
Osric as Ezio, East European Comic Con
Jus In Bello Italy 2015 Rome, Italy Ezio Auditore da Firenze (Assassin's Creed) Ezio costume by ForcebewityaCosplay
Osric as Ezio, via Jus In Bello Italy 2015
Osric as Ezio, photoshoot by Le jardin des anges gardiens
Purgatory Convention Germany Casa Erotica Gabriel (Supernatural)

Also : Season 7 Kevin Tran (Supernatural)

Casa Erotica Gabriel costume by @samandrilling
Osric as Casa Erotica Gabriel, via his facebook page
Osric as Season 7 Kevin Tran, via @Felix_Echelon
Salute to Supernatural Washington DC 2015 Washington, DC Dovahkiin (Skyrim)

Also : Magenta (Rocky Horror Picture Show)

Dovahkiin costume by @isasherry
Osric as Dovahkiin (Skyrim) Photoshoot via Winchesteralex Tumblr
Osric as Magenta at Karaoke via @kilogorene
Salute to Supernatural Vancouver 2015 Vancouver, BC (Supernatural) *Cosplay Postponed*
Salute to Supernatural Dallas 2015 Dallas, TX USA (Harry Potter) *Con Appearance Cancelled*
Salute to Supernatural New Jersey 2015 Secaucus, NJ USA Jared Padalecki (Supernatural)
Salute to Supernatural Toronto 2015 Toronto, ONT Max McCabe (The Sidekick)
Osric as Max McCabe with Rob Benedict by @chrisschmelke via Osric's Twitter
Asylum 15 2015 Birmingham, UK (Something from England)
Salute to Supernatural Chicago 2015 Chicago, IL USA Jensen Ackles (Supernatural)
Salute to Supernatural Denver 2015 Denver, CO USA Baymax (Big Hero 6) [Karaoke Cosplay]
Osric as Baymax with Gil McKinney at Karaoke, Salute to Supernatural Denver 2015
Salute to Supernatural Pasadena 2015 Pasadena, CA USA Harry Potter