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Captain Trollando at work.

Fangirl is the correct nomenclature. Fanboys try to hide their feels to "look cool." I embrace them.

– Orlando Jones states his fannish identity, on Twitter

Orlando Jones is by day a hard working actor. But one day he was caught in an energy surge caused by an overload of fannish love on the internet and Captain Trollando Jones was born. He can create gifs and memes faster than FOX can cancel a show, his passion for shipping is more powerful than any "profound bond" and he can leap fandoms in a single bound.

Captain Trollando Jones started his good fannish works with the fandom of Sleepy Hollow on which his alter ego plays Captain Frank Irving a police captain and dandy. A chance encounter with the good ship Cockles via Misha Collins, drew him inexorably towards the Supernatural fandom. The Supernatural family embraced him like the crack addicts we are, and soon had lured him into shipping Destiel, live tweeting Supernatural episodes and penning a mythical spin-off series AlmostSuperSleepy with Supernatural writer Robbie Thompson which features mermen, robots, spaceships and the odd unicorn.

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