Ophelia Avila

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Name Ophelia Avila
Actor Tiffany Smith
Location Porstmouth, Rhode Island
Episode(s) 13.17 The Thing


Ophelia Avila is the great-granddaughter of Diego Avila of Rhode Island and the sister of Marco Avila. She is a Men of Letters legacy and her family and the townspeople have been guarding Yokoth, keeping her imprisoned within Capitulum 7 for the past hundred years. Ophelia has a tattoo of a variant of the Aquarian Star with the eye of Providence at its center.


13.17 The Thing

When Sam and Dean unwittingly release Yokoth who is possessing Sandy Porter, Ophelia and her brother Marco and other local legacies try to capture her. Ophelia and Marco capture Sam after Marco drugs his food. They explain that she and the other legacies have been guarding and starving Yokoth for the last 100 years. Ophelia, Sam, and Marco then find the other legacies dead and Dean gone.

Sam, Ophelia, and Marco go the chapterhouse and find Yokoth doing the ritual to open the portal, and Dean restrained on the altar. They manage to get the Seal of Solomon from her. Ophelia uses it to close the portal. Just before it closes, Glythur grabs Yokoth, returning her to her own universe.