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Operation Trenchcoat is a Tumblr-based movement to save Castiel after an ominous interview with Robert Singer concerning the fate of the Angel. It launched on January 13, 2012 when the official site released the details of Stage One of their plan.

Note: The project stalled after stage one at the end of January, 2012.


The campaign began when sassygaymisha, a prominent Supernatural blogger on Tumblr, posted a request for ideas on how to prevent the writers from killing off Castiel. A short while later, she reblogged an original gif from another blog. The gif depicted two slides of Castiel's face and the words, "Operation Trenchcoat. We're coming." Interest in Operation Trenchcoat quickly grew when she continued to post cryptic information. The blogger soon released a video containing the details of Operation Trenchcoat. An official website was created shortly after the video launched, promising followers information on how they can contribute to the campaign. The details are being released in stages.


There will be four stages to the plan. The titles were posted in the Info section of the official blog.

Stage 1. The Teaser
Stage 2. The Voice
Stage 3. The Big One
Stage 4. In The Trenches

Stage 1.

Stage One of the Operation prompts "cadets" (what the participants are being referred to as,) to create a short video of themselves (dressed in either a trenchcoat or all black) walking menacingly towards the camera. The blog-runners plan to compile these clips into a teaser video that will be sent to the CW. The deadline has been set for Wednesday, January 18, 2012.

Stage 2.

Details pending.

Stage 3.

Details pending.

Stage 4.

Details pending.