Nora (Heaven Can't Wait)

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Name Nora
Actor Tanya Clarke
Location Rexford, Idaho
Occupation Gas-N-Sip Manager
Episode(s) 9.06 Heaven Can't Wait


Nora is a single mother and the manager of the Gas-N-Sip in Rexford, Idaho that Castiel -- as Steve -- worked at during his exile from the Bunker.


9.06 Heaven Can't Wait

Nora appeared to enjoy working with Castiel, as he was shown to be an incredibly hard worker, believing him to be special in his own way. She approaches Castiel with what he believes to be a proposition for a date on their night off, only for him to realize she had wanted him to baby sit her daughter, Tanya, while she went out a date herself.

After her date, she tells Castiel that the fact that he overreacted to Tanya fever, that he cares so much is what makes him special.