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Name Noel
Actor Andrew Wheeler
Dates  ???? – 2016 (killed by Crowley)
Location An-Nafud Desert, Saudi Arabia
Occupation Explorer
Episode(s) 11.18 Hell's Angel


Noel was an explorer who sold his soul to Crowley to learn all the secrets of the world. When Crowley began a search for a Hand of God to use against the Darkness, he had Noel locate the Horn of Joshua in exchange for nullifying his contract some time before his soul was to be collected.


11.18 Hell's Angel

Crowley is led into Noel's tent in the An-Nafud Desert, where he is to be given the Horn of Joshua. When Noel refuses to hand it over until Crowley destroys their contract, Crowley insists on seeing the object first and complies with destroying their contract once he confirms the shofar's authenticity. However, Noel's relief is short lived as Crowley simply snaps his neck with a twist of his hand. As Crowley picks up the shofar and smiles, he finds four of Noel's men have guns aimed at him. Using his powers, he forces the men to point their weapons at each other and forces them to kill themselves.