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Netflix is a U.S. subscription-based online provider of streaming media including both TV and movies.

In October 2011, The CW signed a four year deal to make its shows available on Netflix. Past seasons of Supernatural became available in January 2012. The deal is non-exclusive, allowing the CW to also sign deals with other online services (Source).

On May 16, 2019 it was announced that the output deal between The CW and Netflix was coming to end, allowing the various production studios that produce the shows on the CW to shop around to other streaming services (Source).


Due to licencing issues, changes were made to the music used in season one. For instance, "Carry On Wayward Son" was replaced in the original "The Road So Far" introduction to the episode "Salvation," and "Bad Moon Rising" was dropped in the closing sequence of the season one finale. In season ten, all recaps that play before episodes were edited from the Netflix versions without explanation from Netflix.

1.01 Pilot

Ginger - Gasoline

playing as Jessica is getting ready for the Halloween party

Classic - What Cha Gonna Do

plays when Jessica, Sam and a friend are at the Halloween party

Rabbit Junk - Civilized

plays when the guy stops for the hitch-hiking Woman in White

Reverend Freak Child - All Across America

plays when Dean and Sam are at the gas station

Loveless - A Gift to the World

plays after Sam finds Dean's "mullet rock" collection

Keith Rosier - She Cheated on a Cheater

plays as Sam and Dean check into the motel

The Bad Touch - Smile Like a Tiger

plays when Dean says "Saved your ass"

1.02 Wendigo

Steve Fister - She Ain't Lonesome

plays in the car when Sam wakes from his nightmare

Eliza - Strung Out

plays at the bar where the guys discuss the case and watch the video on the laptop


plays at the end when Sam's driving the Impala and they leave the woods

1.03 Dead in the Water

Jesse Turnbow - What a Way to Go (Black Toast Music)

plays at the Lynnwood Inn, when the guys look through newspaper articles

JD Bradshaw - All the Way

plays when they arrive at Lake Manitoc

Robin Barnett - They Want It

plays in the car with the "We're not gonna have to hug or anything, are we?" remark

383 Stroker - Late Night Fade

plays at the end when they leave Andrea and her son

1.04 Phantom Traveler

Powerman 5000 - Riot Time

plays on the way to the warehouse

Stiff Kittens - Hunger

plays in the Impala when they try to get Amanda Walker on the phone

Metallica - Some Kind of Monster

hummed by Dean on the plane

Blues Saraceno - Load RageS1Com, p.34

playing on a girls headphones, as Dean is checking for EMF on the plane

1.05 Bloody Mary

State of Man - Never Forget

plays during Jill's encounter with Bloody Mary

The Peasants - I'm All Done

plays in the car, when they're talking about how Mary is connected to all the mirrors

Fred Haring - Bones into Dust

plays at the end of the episode when Sam sees Jess on the side of the road

1.06 Skin

Mommy and Daddy - Good Deal

plays while the shapeshifter is surrounded by police in the apartment

Ray Weaver - Broke Down

plays at the gas station, where Sam's reading his emails

The Death Riders - Mary

plays when the shapeshifter is fleeing the crime scene and shedding its skin in the sewers


plays at the end of the episode when Dean tells Sam that he wished he could have a normal life

1.07 Hook Man

Split Habit - Higher Mathematics

plays at the beginning of the episode, when Lori's getting ready for her date

Skeemin' NoGoods - Supercharged

plays when they're arriving at the fraternity house'

Low Five - Noise

plays when they meet Murf and question him about the death of the fraternity guy

Leslie Pearson - At Rest (Bruton Music)

plays at the sermon for Lori's dead friend

Leslie Pearson - Royal Bethlehem (Bruton Music)

plays while Sam and Dean do research at the library

Union of Knives - Operated On

plays at the college party

Keygrip - Dancing on a Wire

plays at the end of the episode, when Sam and Dean hit the road

1.08 Bugs

The Peasants - I'm All Done

plays at the beginning in the bar scene; also played in 1.05 Bloody Mary

Sonny Ellis - I Got More Bills Than I Got PayS1Com

plays while Dean and Sam attend the open house at Oasis Plains

Bernie Marsden - Poke in Tha ButtS1Com (Extreme Music)

plays at the open house when Larry pulls Matt aside after he sees him talking to Sam

Bob Reynolds - MedusaS1Com (MasterSource)

plays very briefly as Dean & Sam park at the university where they get the bones identified


plays at the end of the episode, when the guys hit the road

1.09 Home


1.10 Asylum

Stiff Kittens - Big Boned

plays at the bar when they question the cop

1.11 Scarecrow

Colepitz - PuppetS1Com

the song Meg is listening to on her iPod while she's waiting for a ride, when Sam "startles" her

Robert Scheffler - Wait a While

plays at the bus station, when Sam meets Meg again

Autumn's Descent - Push (Ins)

plays at the end, when Meg makes her "call"

1.12 Faith

Death Riders - Death in the Valley

plays when the Reaper kills the girl in the woods

1.13 Route 666


plays at the service station, when Cassie first calls Dean

Sharif - Paradise

plays during the love scene between Dean and Cassie

The Minors - Line of Love

plays at the end of the episode, when Dean puts on his shades

1.14 Nightmare

Flickerstick - Money and Dealers

plays at the beginning, when Jim pulls his car in the garage

The Peasants - Someone Else

plays on the radio as Sam and Dean drive to Michigan

1.15 The Benders

Jim Moncur - Whiskey and Guns

plays at Kugel's Kec bar, with Dean playing dart and Sam doing research

George Gershwin - Sweet and Low Down

plays while Pa Bender is in the kitchen

1.16 Shadow

Boo Boo Davis - Headache

the song Meredith is listening to on her iPod

Motorbaby - Stripped

plays at the Firehead Bar, when Dean hits on the bartender and Sam spots Meg again

The Peasants - Skinny Waitress

plays at the bar while Meg and Sam are talking

1.17 Hell House

Terramara - Jaded Little Love Song

the song on the radio Dean is singing

Robert Roth - Vicki and Jacky

plays when Dean and Sam interview the kids, and also at the end of the episode, when they leave the trailer park

Zach Tempest - Slow DeathS1Com (Extreme Music)

plays when Dean and Sam go to the music store to talk to Craig for the first time

Zach Tempest - AnthemS1Com (Extreme Music)

plays when Dean and Sam go to the music store to talk to Craig for the second time

Rex Hobart and the Misery Boys - Point of No Return

plays while talking about the Tulpa in the diner

The Waco Brothers - Fast Train Down

plays in the restaurant when Dean gets his hand glued to his beer

1.18 Something Wicked

Boulevard - So Electric

plays while Sam and Dean are on their way to Fitchburg

Molly - Another Day of Regrets

plays at the end of the episode, when they hit the road again

1.19 Provenance

Gino - Sock It to Me Baby

plays at the bar, when Dean hits on the girls

Antonin Dvorak - Romantic Piece No. 1S1Com

plays at the auction house

Alan Pasqua - One More OnceS1Com

plays when Sam and Sarah have dinner together

Tony Phillips - This Is What It's Like (I'm in Love)

the song on the car radio; Dean "sets the mood" for Sam and Sarah

1.20 Dead Man's Blood

Hillbilly Hellcats - Everybody There was Drinking Martinis But Me

plays when Elkins is in the bar studying his journal

Brian Keith Nutter - Searching for the Truth

plays when Sam and Dean are at the diner looking for a job

88 Crash - Trailer Trash (Instrumental) (MasterSource)

plays when John tells Sam and Dean about vampires

Boo Boo Davis - Walk On Tall

plays while the vampires are partying at their place

1.21 Salvation

Soberskin - Calling

plays during "The Road So Far" recap of events; Netflix version

1.22 Devil's Trap

Steve Fister - Won't Fall Down

plays during "The Road So Far" recap of events; Netflix version

Luke Dick & the Redbud Revival - One Sugar

plays when Sam and Dean are on their way to see Bobby

Tom Coerver - Backwater Rising

plays at the end of the episode, when they are hit by the truck; Netflix version

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