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Name Neil
Actor Christopher Jacot
Dates  ???? - 2006 (killed by Angela Mason)
Location Greenville, Illinois
Occupation Teaching Assistant
Episode(s) 2.04 Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things


Neil was the teaching assistant to Dr. Mason, and was a good friend of Angela Mason.


2.04 Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things

Neil was comforting Angela Mason at his home, after she caught her boyfriend Matt Harrison cheating on her. When Matt barges through Neil's front door, Angela has already left and soon after dies in a car accident.

Sam and Dean learn that Neil has used an ancient Greek divination ritual to bring back Angela from the dead as a zombie. Neil becomes suspicious of Matt's death and questions if Angela was involved, she tells him she wasn't and that she loves him. When Sam and Dean stop Angela from killing Lindsey they go and confront Neil about him resurrecting Angela, and force him to tell then where Angela is located. Neil tells them they can find her at his house, however Angela was in actuality in a closet in Neil's office. She asks Neil to come with her to the cemetery and stop the Winchesters, reluctantly Neil agrees and tells her to stay in the office while he goes to get his car. At his car, a nervous Neil drops the keys when he tries to open the car; as he stands, Angela is there behind him. She accuses him of of attempting to leave her and grabs Neil's head and wrenches it; with a crunch, his neck breaks and he falls to the ground dead.